Sunday, November 01, 2009


Laid Back Halloween Party: A dinner of Chinese food (a promise of the best egg foo young, ever), dessert of taffy apples, beverage of choice, candy, (bonus: passing out to trick-or-treaters) and of back-to-back Dexter episodes.

2. Four women. Good food. Good time.


  1. Well.
    Alrighty then!!!
    Sounds really great.

  2. I LOVE DEXTER. And Chinese food. And caramel apples.

    Where the FUCK was my invite??????

  3. You rocked it right - I bet you actually KNEW all the people who showed up to your party!

  4. Well that sounds like a GOOD party to me. Glad you enjoyed it!! There ain't NUTHIN' like some friends, some chinese food, some taffy apples and some candy. And when you add in Dexter well....Damn!!!

  5. this sounded wonderful! And yeah, i would have liked an invite, too!

    Just found relatives in the chicago area... who knows. We could just be knocking on your door one of these days! :)


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