Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Don't Know Why

Walking down the street the other day with nothing much on my mind except watching where I stepped, lest I trip on a pebble or nothing (I'm prone to that) I began to take notice of car grilles. Don't ask me why, I do not know why.

I work on a block with service drives on either side of the thru street. The parking rules dictate that vehicles pull in, generally on a slight angle (though the street in not lined) giving one so inclined full, un-obstructive views of vehicles grilles. The other day I was so inclined. Don't ask me why, I do not know why.

There were a variety of makes and models parked along a 2 block stretch (the extent of my research parameter) and I noticed that styling for grilles mostly alternated between a boxy rectangle with vertical grid lines, as if to suggest open-mouthed teeth bared in a grimace. Like so:

Or a kind of trapezoidal took with the corners pointed up in a mock metal smile. Depending on the sharpness of the angles, the smile could appear friendly or sinister, such as:

There was one make / model that didn't follow the general pattern noted. That, being the Mini Cooper. The Mini doesn't grimace nor does it smile. The Mini frowns. See exhibit C:

Don't ask me why, I do not know why.


  1. Walking down the street the other day after hitting the crack pipe...

  2. I was driving Liv to school a few days ago and she informed me that some cars just look "friendlier" than others. We had an interesting discussion about which cars were friendly (vw bugs) and which were not (hummers)....

  3. Now, start lookin' at tail lights. They have FACES! :)

    no offense.

    I always knew Doris' car coming down the street in the dark because her GMC Envoy headlights looked like crying tears were coming from the sides.

    Now she has a little Pontiac G7 or some damn thing & I have no idea...


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