Friday, May 07, 2010

Heading Into The Weekend Update

This week, Thursday was my Friday as I took the day off from work to get
a jump on weekend chores, specifically, yard work. But, Friday began with a bang in the way of thunderstorms. I was able to get outside some, but not nearly as I'd intended. Ah well, there is still tomorrow.
Also, it has been cool (again). Temps hovering around the 50s during the day and dipping to the 40s at night. I had to fire up the heat again, at least in my bedroom and the bathroom. If there is anything I can't stand, it is going into a cold bathroom in the middle of the night. However, I am determined not to pull out the blankets again. Not until after September (or maybe August) at least.
My son filmed his first commercial this week. Wooo Hooo. Though, excitement is tempered a bit. He was an extra in a non-union shoot. But still, it was for a major (national) product, with a major production company. Though, becoming a commercial (that is to say, advertising talking head) success isn't where his artistic goals lie. They do pay well and well, that is a goal. He's had an agent since early March (or late February) and she has been, as he says, "on it". He's had multiple audition days recently. The next good role, great offer, is just around the way.
"The Boys" have gone . . . well, not quite viral. But, a bit more exposed.
This weekend is, as everyone and their mother knows, Mother's Day. As in years past, I will be taking my mother out. This year I'll have re-enforcements in the body of one of my cousins. She and I were going to hook up to take mom out for her birthday later this month, but cousin will be out of town during that time. I'm not looking forward to the outing. My mother really is not restaurant approved but at least there will be one other person to provide support. I suppose I could go back to plan A and cook here, but I'm not really feeling up to that, either.
My own Mother's Day treat will be delayed until my two can sync their schedules and finances and such. It shall be all good, whenever.
I haven't been out socially too much in recent weeks, due primarily to my outbreak. It was bad, got better, got bad again and then again (as in now) better. Clearly, I am going through something . . . hormonal? Whatever it is, it is forcing very deliberate eating, drinking, and other . . . choices.
My daughter did accompany me to the roller derby last week. We had a blast!! We were nearly creamed by a guy barreling his Range Rover through a red light, trying (we presume by his Blackhawk's jersey) to get to the game, as we were in the vicinity of the United Center. But, beyond that harrowing experience, we had a great time at the match.
A funny thing happened on the way to getting a couple of beers. My daughter was wearing a green t-shirt with some kind of saying, green shirts are for pimps or something like that. The bartender lady, in full flirt mode, said, "I like your shirt." (add the giggle). I countered with, "I like the other one, Re-hab is for Quitters." Bartender lady said, "what?" I repeated the shirt's slogan, to which bartender lady said, "Twitter...I just don't get twitter! Too old I guess."
. . . and with that, I'm out.


  1. hi sweets! thinkin' about you.

  2. You're goin' to roller derby!
    Love it! hahaha
    Also, i get SO HOT in the summer without airconditioning on that I do like sleeping where it's cool... Even winter I don't like the heat on in the bedroom. D thinks Im nuts.

  3. @ nina: me too, you. peace

    @ kmae: yep. so far only once this season. :( my tolerance to cold is higher than it once was, but still not high enough that I don't need heat when it hits 40 at night.

  4. I have a tee that says "re-hab is for quitters" too and I am the only person that seems to find it funny. So...glad there is someone else out there who gets it!

  5. It really does not feel like May outside, does it?

  6. @ Maria: so totally get the shirt and we both find it hilarious.

    @ The Dish: NO, it DOES NOT FEEL like MAY. Not At All. Dagnabbit.


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