Sunday, May 30, 2010

For The Record

The idea of drinkable yogurt is slightly repulsive to me. I can hardly eat traditional (American) yogurt due to texture issues. When I do partake I prefer the addition nuts or granola.
I am a fan of Greek yogurt, though I haven't tried the brand given two thumbs up by eb and qm. I will be seeking it out. I've already discovered my nearest local grocer doesn't carry that brand, but I'm sure I can find it in the city or at one of the larger stores in town.
And yes, I realize this post had nothing at all to do with Buttah, I just love that look on his face. He shares such a look, pose with me at least twice a day. I don't know what's on his mind. Heh, it could be yogurt.


  1. The Greek Gods Yogurt website lists stores that carry it. Much easier than hunting for it blindly. Of course, you can always stop by and have some here...

  2. I've heard that the Greek Gods stuff is great. Gotta try that soon.

    Drinkable yogurt makes me want to hurl, just the thought of it.

    No need to have a reason for posting pics of the babies.

  3. It's good, but yogurt is fattening!!!

  4. Love Buttah's face! He really does look like my Fat Bastard Cat.

    Drinkable yogurt is really the only kind I like.

  5. @ maxine: yep. yep.

    @ syd: not to the point of hurling for me, but yes, ick the thought. he's a pretty boy. lol

    @ kmae: yeah. moderation.

    @ the dish: some character in that thar face. well, i suppose someone must. :)

  6. Our Eric looks a lot like your buttah. Orange cats rule.

    Unlike drinkable yogurt. Bleah.


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