Friday, July 30, 2010

Day Three: D Day

Meet Daphne. Daphne fluttered around one of the surprises of the season last weekend while I worked in the yard. She hung around long enough for me to drop my tools, trek upstairs, grab the camera and snap her portrait. She's an honored visitor and I am glad she took the time to feast upon my work in progress.

On to day three of the 5 days celebrating my fiftieth year. This is D day as it is the actual date of my birth fifty years ago. Per my certificate (once again, note to self, get that thing laminated or something) I was born at 11:50 AM. I am the second of what tapped out at three, the middle and only daughter.

This day began with a hug, kiss, and happy birthday wish from my D before she left for her half-workday, as we have a lunch date for later. No work day for me so the rest of the morning progressed rather peacefully. A light breakfast and some email exchanges wrapped around a mostly quiet, contemplative time. And oh yeah, there was also Project Runway re-runs from . . . I don't even know which season, or cycle, or what da what. Not quite sure what held me captive . . .

D and I lunched at Carnivale. I've been wanting to give Carnivale a go since it opened a few years ago. I don't usually go to new (new to me) places for celebratory type outings, but I decided this time to adjust my playbook. I'm so thrilled I did. We arrived toward the end of lunch service, so it wasn't hustle-bustle. The food was great and the company, well, you know.

The outing (or the chocolate martini before and mojito during ) tuckered me out and I slept for a bit.

Now I'm awake gearing up for more celebration tomorrow. Mom and I have plans for a movie and a meal in big city. The current plan is to see "The Kids Are All Right" after some back and forth over who the heck is "that Jolie, do you know her?" And then, some rest.

In the meantime however, some cake, ice cream, and chocolate martini taste tests.


  1. Many happy returns of the day!

    I've heard that The Kids Are Alright is supposed to be excellent.

    My sisters are in town this weekend and we will go see Joan Jett tomorrow night and the above movie tomorrow afternoon....I'll let you know what I think of it.

  2. Deborah - the kids are allright- Julianne Moore ends up fucking her sperm donor - your mother may hold out hope you'll go straight again per se'...

  3. Kmae, she may indeed. But, well, it won't be the first time I didn't do as she may have hoped. ;-)


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