Monday, July 12, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

Five: I know I'm biased, but my son is a very interesting, thought provoking man. And funny too.

Some decisions we make. Some, in effect, are made for us. M's current living situation was a bit of both. Much like moving back home, a series of events led to him deciding to go full tilt boogie with the pursuit of acting. Acting has become his "day job."

Since securing an agent in Feb./March he has added several items to his résumé, including some screen work. He is currently in rehearsals for a couple of plays, and will return to town with only a couple of weeks to lead into rehearsal for the next play on his calendar.

A flurry of auditions have led to his being "in the running" for roles in some major productions later this year and being in the enviable position of having to turn one or the other down due to other acting commitments.

M is not in able to fully support himself on acting gigs alone. Yet. But, he is building his résumé and I am absolutely certain that some day in the not too distant future . . .

Ah, but I'm his mom and I am biased.


  1. I love live theater and would love to catch him in a play. Also, I am sure I have mentioned it before, but he is a very good looking man!

  2. Good luck M.
    Break a leg!!!!


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