Thursday, July 08, 2010

Pinch Me, Pinch Me Knot

My co-worker's husband came by for a visit. She introduced him around, gave him and tour. He and I chatted a bit. After he left she told me that he commented about my age (and such). He said, "I thought Deborah would be older from your conversations. She's not that much older than you, is she?"

I'm twelve years older than my co-worker.

I was feeling pretty good until I got smashed by a hot flash. Though, flash is not really accurate. 'Tis actually a building of heat. More like a slow burn. Smoldering. And then sweat. Not, copious amounts of sweat, but certainly more than I've experienced my entire previous life.

An adjustment.

Speaking of slow, check out my take on speed dating. And while you're there, visit the other writers. Some kind of wonderful stuff happening over there where the queers write.


  1. Whoever named it a hotflash is a moron, or was a man. Flash my fluffy ass.

    Woo-hoo for the age compliment though!

  2. God, I dread the hot flashes. I'm never cool enough as it is.

  3. I started getting hot flashes at 47. At 52, they are finally going away. I still have to open up the freezer occasionally and stick my head in...

  4. My period stopped the month I turned 50 - YAY! Hot flashes started sometime after I turne 51 and they continue as I am now 52... NOT happy!
    BUT... it's still better than getting my period, so I try not to complain!


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