Saturday, January 14, 2012


 Sunday: 9,852  measurable steps taken. Atypical for me in that 1: I don't usually wear the gadget on the weekends. 2. a low daily total (judging by the weekday totals) for me. 3. Left to my own devices, I chose to take myself to the movies. Pariah I'll just say this for now: see this film!  
Monday: 10,633 measurable steps. Most weekday evenings I'm home between 6--6:15. Since I'm home before daughter I take up the pet care duties minus (the new normal: insulin injections). Dinner is often a crap shoot, as I routinely leave food prep to her. I must however, adjust that routine for 2012 as the "crap shoot" aspect is not working so well for my goals, I finally learned from 20111 experiences. The pedometer may or may not stay on my person until I retire (which simply means, I'm sitting, relaxing before bed) for the evening, which depends mostly on the day's attire. Monday's measurements would have occurred between about 7:30 am until about 8:30 pm .  

Tuesday: 8,382 measurable steps. Not a good day on many, many levels. A weariness had gathered about my shoulders and moved south throughout the day. Focus was off and cravings ON and high . It can't be . . . but, alas, I fear it must be. Oh crap. Once home and and all the pet care needs attended I took (for all intents and purposes) to bed. However, early to bed meant much, MUCH too early to rise. Oh crap!  

Wednesday: 11,238 measurable steps. Big improvement over Tuesday but understand it was forced and aided by too many cups of coffee, zinger teas, and one sugar free R*ckstar energy drink. There was one side trip after work and with a mind toward the weekly goal of 12,000 steps I pushed as much as I could. Fell short though. Crashed and burned in fact, by lights out. Well, point of fact, I don't sleep in total darkness unless I'm in someone else's space. But, for all intents and purposes, lights were out by 11 p.m. The meter was about my person right until shower time. 

Thursday: 13,385 very unhappy steps taken. Snow. Houston, we have snow. (Note the pic was from last February's storm. We didn't get quite that much this time, but it is early yet.)   And the only reason I cracked twelve thousand was because of the snow shoveling in addition to the usual routines after work. Ironic since I'd mentioned to a friend earlier that I didn't think I'd crack ten thousand due to the snow.  

Friday: 11,261 flat, stick a fork in me, I'm done, steps taken. Along with the snow, which let's face it, is a given; this is the Midwest and this IS January for peeps sake, there is also frigid temps (anything below 30) and, AND . . .  well, let's just say I found myself gorging on mint dark chocolate M & M's which are freakin' fantastic, by the way, and downing one,two, three brown ales. I'll see the Tuesday's Oh Crap and Raise you a Holy F*ck!  Hi-ever, thank Goodness was Friday and as a friend counseled, I acted like it, dammit!!  

Saturday:  No measurable steps for today. Not that I haven't taken any. I've taken several hundred, at least. But, I didn't don the meter for 1. I don't (usually) do so on the weekends and 2. this day was a take it easy, easy like Sunday morning, a sleep in (after 9) kind of day. A thinking about how to achieve the goals for next week (and beyond) and how to work other routines into my routine, for the walking (alone) isn't going to get me where I want to get with regard to fitness. (Nor for that matter, are the mint chocolate M & M's as fantastic as they are or the multiple brown ales at a single sitting, no matter how therapeutic they may appear) kind of day. And a musing of what cruel jokers Mother Nature and her evil twin Aunt Flo have become, kind of day. 

And then it will be Sunday, again. Happy New Day, New Year, New Opportunity to achieve numbers and more.    



  1. Truth? I shudder to think how low my steps would be.

  2. I am still working at getting a consisten 3500 per day...though I did manage 8k plus on Saturday (let's go to the Galleria) your steps make you a rockstar!!

  3. Holy freaking Hell, there are mint dark chocolate M&M's??? Why did I not know this? Why did you let me know NOW when I would dearly love to lose some of this adipose baggage??

    Keep on, grrl. You are doing amazing. Cheering for you!

  4. @ Maria--well, I've been at this step taking (& counting) for awhile now. Today was not a good day. I recognize that there is a direct correlation to motivation to walk (or lack thereof) with the air temp (& worse, wind chill factor).

    @ Maxine--you will get there (and beyond) consistently. Of this I am sure. And thank you. ♥

    @ e I know!!! I didn't know such a delectable treat existed either. Hopefully, it isn't one of those test market situations and hopefully, it is because a sistah could lose herself, most definitely. :-)

    and I will. Thanks for the cheers. Much needed. Very much appreciated.


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