Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snow, Cold

Friday's fall wasn't as much as last February's (photo evidence) but it was enough. Enough to snarl traffic and to change plans, not only for the evening but the entire weekend.

Well, mine anyway.

Passing up an invite to hear some jazz because of a prior engagement only to pass on the prior engagement because of not only event of snow but also the timing of same (the bulk of it coming just prior to the evening rush) but even more than snow was the cold. No, not the air temps (though, that is a incredible motivator for staying indoors) but the onset of the virus called commonly, cold.

Stuffy nose, scratchy throat, sneezing, and a slight case of the chills. The symptoms beginning Thursday and continuing, building during Friday played the larger role into my altering the evening  and weekend plans.

The snow just capped it. IT being the decision to head directly home after work Friday.  And as I reported to a couple of friends via FB who very sweetly checked in with me:

Home, safe and sound. Soon there will be hot food, hotter toddies, and warm jammies and a wonderful knitted shawl-like cover-ette. ♥.

And that was pretty much the weekend. 

Not going to hear jazz. Not going to see a screening of "If These Walls Could Talk 2". Not meeting a new acquaintance for coffee (or something). Not going to the Garfield Park Conservatory's concert series. Not going to see "Red Tails". 

Full disclosure, all of these things weren't going to happen this weekend but they were considered and were within the realms of possibilities, along with laundry, closet purging, and other sundry weekend chores--had it not been for the need to tend to the sniffling (sometimes stuffy) nose, scratchy throat, sneezing and such. 

Now on the eve of the beginning of a new work week, feeling pretty much over the cold, I'm sorry I didn't (at least) attempt a trip to the laundry mat. 

Off to rummage through the (not yet purged) closet to find some things clean (and warm) to wear tomorrow. 

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