Thursday, November 01, 2012

Wonder Woman Dog

 My daughter wouldn't be my daughter if she didn't dress the dog(s) cats and any other animals (breathing or filled with fluff) in the outfit of the day. On this day (yesterday) Cinnamon appears as the canine equivalent of Wonder Woman®  I wasn't home during the Trick-or-Treat hours but I understand she was the talk of the block. She favored the witches, ghosts, goblins, and more with aerials, flips, and just plain old rambunctious puppy play.

We are learning more and more about her every day. 
For instance, she is not wild about baths. 
Nor about getting her facial hair clipped. 

She does love being outdoors, though not in the rain. I'm anxious to see how she does with snow. And  while there is still some work to do, she's a fun (and loud) puppy dog, who by the way doesn't like getting her facial hair cut. Her face is a little uneven. She is just fine with that.  She is Wonder Dog.  


  1. I see many more doggie posts in your future - because with a wonder dog in your house what ELSE can you write about? :) So cute.

  2. So danged cute!!!

  3. I heart your new puppy dawg. So sorry about Diamond. I hate when the furry ones leave the mortal coil.

    We know all about loud around here.

  4. Yes, I suspect Ms. Cinnamon, the wonder that she is will offer much fodder.

    Yes, cute she is.

    Thanks elf. I know you all know. ♥

  5. I agree that Cinnamon looks as if she is going to be pretty newsworthy.

  6. Sufferin Sappho! She's adorable.


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