Wednesday, November 21, 2012

No scrambling, No trampling

Anyone who knows me is well aware of my aversion to shopping of any kind with the rare exception of hardware stores and garden centers I avoid s-t-o-r-e-s unless absolutely necessary.

So, the idea of ME going out anywhere near any kind of "special deal" "door-buster sale" "hot, hot pricing" is as ludicrous as finding me on a tropical beach basking in the mid-day sun, wearing a string bikini.


Several years ago my employer added the day after Thanksgiving as a paid holiday for regular, full-time employees (such as myself.) And even before then I was fortunate to take a vacation day on that day. Historically the day has been filled with outings with the kids, catch-up chores around the homestead, gorging on left-overs. . . in other words, just chilling.

To paraphrase Taylor Swift, never (ever)< did it include getting trampled by or being the one trampling on bargain hunters burning off the turkey with all the trimmings scrambling through the malls of hard knocks.

This Friday will be no exception. Tomorrow we will visit and eat and drink and some of us will repeat the eating and the drinking. And repeat once again. But then it will be Friday and beyond spending a few hours winterizing my mother's apartment, I haven't yet mapped the day. But, I can guarantee . . .

there will be no< shopping.

And speaking of ludicrous, opening stores earlier and earlier on Friday---so early, many are opening later in the evening on . . . Thursday!


Happy Thanksgiving.

Peace ♥



  1. I hate that they're opening on Thursdays. I'm with you. I actually like shopping (I know, horrifying) but not this Friday. Nonono.

  2. Anonymous7:55 AM

    On thanksgiving weekend, I won't even go grocery shopping until Sunday!

  3. If I do any shopping, I will be traveling by mouse. People have to be barking mad to go out on Black Friday even if it starts Thursday. I am going to post the thing of Black Friday at Walmart that I saw if I can get it over here. Hideous.
    Be that as it may, Happy Thanksgiving to you, Only D., and all who read here.

  4. @ Em: The news of the mayhem in some places, talk about horrifying.

    @ NCP: Indeed.

    @Madame: Those WalMart videos are absolutely disgusting. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. :)

  5. Anonymous12:19 PM

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