Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pass the Rum Gravy, Cabbage, and Rolls

Truth be told, I haven't had rum in several years. In fact, the last taste of rum was gifted to me by a very dear friend. I don't there will be any rolls either. It has just occurred to me that I forgot to buy them and unless there is something vital that seems to have been forgotten as well, dinner will go on without them.

No biggie.

Yes, there will be a dinner. Poultry, dressing (not stuffing in my corner of the universe) macaroni and cheese, cabbage (two ways--with meat and without) and . . . I know I'm forgetting something, can't put my finger on it...oh well, point is, food.

And drink. And . . well, and . . . just . .

Truth be told I'm not feeling particularly festive. I'm trying for daughter's sake but my heart really isn't in it. But, there will be food and if the cabbage (both ways) and the macaroni and cheese are any indication it will be good. Maybe not great, maybe not amazing, but good. Okay, very good.

Damn, the gooey, cheesy . . good. Must stop tasting.

Truth be told, while not feeling particularly festive I do recognize there is much for which thanks should be given. And so I do give thanks for my decent health, the good health of the actor and his sister, the comfort of loving pets, shelter, food (damn, the gooey, cheesy . .) drink, other family, friends particularly those who have experienced a recent turn of (woot woot) events allowing for a sense of safety, security, inching toward home,  warming me all over.

Yes, there will be a dinner, the menu changed (slightly) to minimize the onslaught of memories.And while not feeling particularly festive, I am thankful to be here to be able to share a meal with my son and my daughter and to have connections with people who bring me great comfort and joy.

Peace to you.


  1. i just posted a post that disappeared... i am too lazy to repost it because well because i am too lazy... it had something to do with no cheesy goodness at out table today and the general malaise about the festivities...

    1. I've had that happen more than I care to count. And when it does, yes, I take it as a sign that it just wasn't meant to be. And yes, laziness is usually at the root of the sign taking Malaise..yes.

  2. Peace to you. And many wishes for things to be thankful for.

    Especially gooey food.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you!

  3. I hope you had a wonderful turkey day.

    1. It was quiet and that was indeed wonderful. Thank You.

  4. I am suffering the same malaise. Almost every single atom of it is the result of the death of my mother. The holiday seem fucking pointless to me, but I carry on because... I guess because I have to. Because my daughter, my father, my brother, my partner all feel somewhat festive. And, I love them all and want them to feel festive and I hope that some of it will rub off on me.

    Chin up, woman. Fake it til you make it. Enjoy your children and your gooey, cheesy goodness. Yes, be thankful, but don't put too much pressure on yourself.

    And, in case you couldn't tell, I was writing that for me as well as you...


    1. The grief...part of it (a BIG part) but there is more. However, I am trying. Daughter wants (needs?) to have a more . . well, more.

      Chin is up. In full fake mode. And though I do think it is still too early, the neighbors' decorations are helping. A little.

      Right back atcha! oxoxo


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