Monday, January 25, 2016

No Offense Taken

A "senior" coffee is fifty-five cents at the local quick service spot near work. I only know that
because this morning, the clerk who took my order charged me for a  "senior" coffee.  Which sent me on an
all day bender trying to figure out what it was about me
that had her take me for a "senior" whatever that is
in their establishment.

My head was covered (winter, dontchaknow) but even if it wasn't my hair is still more pepper
than salt. It is possible she just gave me the once-over and decided by coat (and / or
over-all manner of dress) was just not trendy enough to be anything less than, "senior" Again,
whatever that is to her  (all of 20, if that) and/or the establishment.

I was feeling pretty spry after y long bus rides having worked out the kinks and plantar
fascitis type aches and pains, cause for the occasional limp--so I don't think it was my gait that read,

All day I wondered.

 Until I decided that it wasn't my appearance
that drove the clerk to the "senior" key.
It was how I ordered or rather,
how she heard my order .

"May I have a 'small' coffee and 2 oatmeal cookies?"
became, "May I have a 'senior' . . .

That has to be it, she heard senior instead of small.. Yes,
that has to be . .


  1. Wellllll......some places are 55 and up for senior. I KNOW!!

    In other news: wouldn't you love to be racing wheel-chair grannies? I would totally race you, and horrify the nurses aides. ;)

  2. 55 . . . the horror. But still, how'd she know?

    Absolutely I would love to be racing wheel-chair grannies! Horrified nurses aides, winner-winner-chicken dinner.

  3. Having just returned from Miami Beach where I am pretty sure I was the oldest person there, I feel your pain. But I remember when I was young, my mother's best friend's daughter was leaving for college and I thought "College! That is sooooo old!" Everything is relative I suppose. Still, I am happy to accept whatever discount people are willing to give me these days.

    I am totally in on the wheelchair race. I am greasing up my wheels now.

    1. Everything is relative. I suppose it is a bit jarring when not that long ago I was being carded for alcohol purchases. ;-)

      Wheeeeee.... Vrooom

    2. I do wonder at what age do we go from "senior" to "elderly"?

    3. There's a question.

  4. Oh, girl! I've been getting that senior discount for years now (thanks, white hair!) and I take it. Sometimes I ask for the senior discount, and they never say no. It's the opposite of being carded when you are young... lol.
    Take the discount and say thank you. You know you look great!

    1. Don't get me wrong I didn't huff and puff and demand to pay full price. Still, I did wonder. I may, from this day forward ask for the senior coffee, on purpose. :-)

      Thank YOU

  5. Ha -- or maybe she just wanted to be nice and give you a discount.

    We were talking today about someone being very very old, and my daughter smiled sweetly and said, "like you?"

    1. It's possible.

      Daughters! :-)

  6. Oh sadness... but, cheaper coffee? I agree, the whole AARP thing starting at 50 maybe has some establishments counting senior a whole lot younger than what feels senior. :)

    1. Pretty dense population in that age bracket. Playing to the audience, for sure. I guess. ;-)

  7. Oh dear, that makes me laugh! I'm sorry. But it really isn't fair to be considered a senior, especially when - if you're like me - each year "senior" becomes older and older. I reckon it starts now at about 70!

    Also - coffee at 55 cents? I don't think that's possible in NZ. But then, I honestly don't know if we can buy coffee that isn't espresso any more.

    1. No worries. I see the humor.

      55 cents is pretty low even for "run-of-the-mill" coffee fare. Given the givens, it wasn't horrible. Espresso is growing in popularity here, but still, not widely available in many quick service places.

      And yes, about 70 is senior. Until I'm in my sixties anyway. ;-)

  8. your post made me smile. everything is so relative. my toddlers think i am old, and constantly ask me if i have aches and pains like their 'dadi' (grandma).

    any discount is good though :P

    1. And your comment made me smile. :-)

      Without question, discounts good!

  9. Long time no see! I actually giggled on this one. I am so far into senior status that people have started treating me as if I am frail and and slightly gummy brained. My hair has significant streaks and the cane just says it all. Makes me want to flash em a boob, dammit. I am so glad to find you here.

    1. Hey girl, hey!

      Gummy brained. Oh my, how I have missed you.

      Boob flashing. Oh my. :-)

      Nice of you to come round.


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