Monday, August 22, 2016

The Threes of Me (2016)

A "getting to know you list: in sets of three: 

Three names I go by: 

1. Deborah 
2. Ma 
3. Miss Debbie 

Three jobs I have had in my life: 
1. Medical Biller 
2. Bookkeeper / Office Administrator 
3. Recruiter 

Three places I have lived: 
1. Franklin Blvd.  
2. Parnell Ave
3. Ridgeway Ave

Three Favorite* Drinks (author's note: not necessarily in this order.): 
1. Banana Basil Milkshake
2. Pineapple, Blueberry, Banana Smoothie

3. Martini (vodka w/habanero stuffed olives) 

Three TV shows that I watch (in real time) : 
1. Scandal
2. How To Get Away With Murder 
3. American Ninja Warrior 

Three TV shows that I watch (OnDemand)  : 

1, Rosemary and Thyme 
2. A Chef's Life
3. Black-ish

Three Places I have Been: 
1. Las Vegas, NV 
2. Dyer, IN  
3. Houston, TX  

Three people who e-mail/FB me regularly: 
2. Addie 
3. Rose

Three of my favorite* restaurants: 
1.Nando's Peri Peri 
2. Kinderhook Tap  
3. Melting Pot 

Three sets of 3 things I hate: 
1. criminal acts, injustice, speeders 
2. beets, black eye peas, okra 
3. losing things, wasteful acts, inadequate coverage of women's sports 

Three of my favorite cars (that I've owned): 
1. Toyota Camry
2. Dodge Lancer
3. Oldsmobile Delta 88 

Three favorite* websites: 
1. Elixher 
2. Mail Me Some Art 
3. Longreads

*I am not a fan of favorite anything;.using the term under duress and / or for the sake of efficiency.

Tell me 3 things about you (from the above list or random). 

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  1. I would agree on the favourites issue- there are things that I like at the moment, but favourite is so definite.

    I have three passports, from three different continents.

    Three authors whose books stretched my mind
    1. Lois McMaster Bujold
    2. Kage baker
    3. Diana Wynne jones

    1. Passports: 3 more than I have. :-)

      Thank you for introducing me to these authors.

  2. Melting pot!! Major YUM!!

    Three Places I have Been:
    1. Las Vegas, NV
    2. California (several places)
    3. Nassau, Bahama's

    1. The Melting Pot! Woot!

      Is it (what is IT?) better in the Bahamas?

  3. Fun! And I also agree on the favorite thing.

    I'll do the job thing -

    1. Tour guide at a castle
    2. Security guard at a mall
    3. Counsellor at a group home for teen girls

    1. Love the job varieties. Fascinating. :-)

  4. So interesting! I also struggle with "favorite." I couldn't pick a favorite book if I tried. That picture scared me at first because I thought it was someone in a creepy suit until I realized it was a sculpture... :)

    Three Random Things About Me:
    1) I have margaritas out every Friday
    2) Three of my "favorite" authors are Margaret Atwood, Jenny Lawson, and Ann Patchett
    3) I don't like any red in the garden -- pink, burgundy, and a tiny bit of orange is okay, but NO RED. Sort of weird.

    1. Yes, one of Chicago's many public art pieces. It think it is called, "The Swing" - fun piece. :-)

      No red? Fun fact-cool.

      I don't have any red either, but by happenstance, not design.

  5. Jobs:

    1. grocery store cashier
    2. grape picker
    3. piece worker (sewed zippers into Johnny Carson suits)

    And I also don't allow any red or orange in my flower gardens.

    1. What a variety.

      Is there something about red (or orange) that is garden taboo or is it a personal aesthetic?

      Enquiring mind . . .

  6. Oooh, I love your list, and I'm loving the comments too.

    Three drinks:
    1. NZ Sauvignon blanc
    2. Fresh lime juice from Thailand
    3. A frozen mango daiquiri

    PS. My red camellia is flowering in my garden at the moment, and it is beautiful!

    1. I can well imagine. :-)

      Love the responses. Yum...daiquiri

  7. Anonymous9:09 AM

    I'd like to borrow this idea for a future post. I'm stockpiling for future MicroblogMondays & NaBloPoMo.

    1. Have at it. I love the idea. :-)

  8. Fun! I love reading these! And, what a strong feeling red flowers have for a bunch of people. Weird.

    My three are jobs:
    1. Cowboy (ranch-hand, but cowboy is also accurate)
    2. Field biologist (botanist for Forest Service)
    3. Gorilla-suit-clad balloon bouquet deliverer (what? it was money!)

    Thanks for the entertainment, Deb!

    1. Isn't it?

      Why am I not surrised by the cowboy (or the gorilla-suited balloone bouquet deliverer? LOL

  9. This was so much fun to read!! I just stumbled upon Rosemary & Thyme a few weeks ago when I didn't turn off the TV right away after Midsomer Murders & I really enjoy it. I'm a speeder but not one of those ridiculous nutjobs who cuts in and out of lanes. I'm a huge sports' fan & hate when they put the game you're watching into a little screen & show you other games or a guy they're interviewing for 20 minutes right in the middle of the game. I kept track of how many different Olympic sports I watched. It was 60+

    1. Awesome facts.

      I bumped into Rosemary & Thyme quite by accident as well.

  10. I am so with you on losing things and waste. And okra.

    This was a fun read.

  11. Ha! Oldsmobile Delta 88 my dad used to have one of those! I drove it once and backed it up into the drainpipe on the side of the house. Ah, the good old days!
    3 jobs:
    bingo girl (giving out change)
    human resources clerk

    1. It was a great car.

      I have done two of your 3 jobs. ;-)


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