Wednesday, November 23, 2011

a ha

For days I've felt a little . . . off, for lack of a more descriptive word. I thought it was tiredness brought on by too much work and too little rest. Or perhaps a malaise brought on by dreary weather accompanied by inexplicable? bloating, achy knees, odd cravings, emotional jags.  

Then I attributed the out of step feeling with the chore of first, reading (objectively) and then commenting to my dad about the material he sent. The material, in and of itself (though truly a chore) didn't upset me overmuch but the fact that he, of all people, would send me (among other material) a booklet titled, "How to Raise Responsible Children" really set my teeth on edge.

Oh, then there was an aching tooth. 

Two thoughts however, never crossed my mind as possible causes for the turbidity of  my daily experience in recent days, weeks.  One: this. and Two: the actual cause or perhaps more accurately, the root: P M freakin' S! 

That's right sports fans, yours truly is having an unplanned visitor.  At fifty-one. After over a year. 

It has been so long I misread all the tell-tell signs. The bloating, the cravings, the tiredness, the insomnia, the . . . everything. 

Oy to the Vey.

For all that, now that there is a face on the issue, now that the situation is flowing, so to speak, I'm much better. Well, not better in the sense that I am intensely annoyed at having to deal with this again, still. But, now I fully understand with what I'm dealing and can therefore be more focused on that root. There are known remedies. 

Still, I find myself on this Thanksgiving Eve quite thankful and full gratitude. Miss Flo and achy knees aside, there is my good health, the good health of both and actor and his sister (though she has been suffering with a wicked cold and upper respiratory infection over the past several days) and being able to put a full dinner on the table tomorrow that we will all share (along with my mother). We will trade stories old and new, laughs, and the like. And as much as I lack enthusiasm for the process, the shopping and prepping, I am overwhelmingly enthusiastic over the end result, the fullness of body and spirit. 

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to shoo the actor away from the ham (again).


  1. OH NO!! Over a year and "the visitor" came knocking at your door. That totally SUCKS. Big sucking sucky suckwads. That is just so wrong. So very wrong.

    We have adult beverages waiting for you!!!! A weekend in Texas will make it allllll better.

  2. !!!! Yippeee !!! for weekends in TX and adult beverages and making allll better !!!! Yipppeeee !!!1

  3. You are supposed to be safe after a year... what the hell happened?!?!

    Hope your holiday was lovely and if you have an upcoming trip to Tejas and some frosty beverage, well, hope they are lovely too!

  4. Yes e, that's what I thought. Don't know what happened but thankfully, it all seems to be winding down. Further, I hope it doesn't happen again. My daughter put it >best, "you have to start your clock all over."

    My holiday was lovely, thank you. And I have absolutely no doubts about the trip being anything but lovely. Well, except for the actual travel part. That's always a crap shoot. ;-)

  5. old are you again? I assume you are talking about the pause & then your period coming back/ This does happen & it IS crazymaking. It is different for all of us. I went thru that.. & now years later, I STILL have the flashes, sweats et all, MY pause seems to be never ending. Did you read the thing I posted on fb that Rosanne barr wrote about it? It is HALARIOUS. Check it out. & hang in there... as IF you have a choice...:)

  6. You too? After almost TWO YEARS without, my body decided both in Sept and Oct to go ahead and give it the old college try. I thought I was all done, but NOooOOOOOo. :(

    Funny how quickly we get used to NOT having to concern ourselves over this nonsense, isn't it?

    We also did ham for Thanksgiving. 'Twas a delicious change.

  7. The same EXACT thing happened to me. I thought I was DONE with tampons and then a year into what I embraced as menopause...blood. I was so FREAKING MAD. But, it was just that hoping it is that way for you too.

  8. @ Kmae: I'm 4 months past my 51st birthday. And apparently, I does happen. ::sigh:: Oh, btw I did just read the Roseanne Barr piece. Excellent.

    @Tiff: Yep, me too. I'm holding on to the hope that it is one and done (like for Maria). It that is the case, thankfully, daughter will be able to use my newly purchased provisions.

    We had turkey too (a small one) for the daughter (mostly). :-)

    @ Maria: Fingers crossed.


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