Sunday, September 09, 2012

The Kids, 1986

Each, in recent weeks have faced life-changing events and are in the midst of making life shaping decisions, with my guidance (as needed and/or requested) but always with my love and support.

My head is much too full of all that has transpired in recent weeks, days to fully elucidate but suffice to say, their journeys continue and I'm grateful to bear witness to the marvelous metamorphosis taking place within and beyond.


  1. This picture of innocence is so very beautiful.

  2. May the decisions they make and the changes they go through be ones that make their lives better places to be.

    Marvelous metamorphosis sounds wonderful!

  3. Sometimes it's harder to be the parent and watch it unfold...

    They were adorable ~ and no doubt still are!


  4. @Madame One Tree: Thank you. I think so too. ;-)

    @Em: Indeed. That is the hope and dream. :-) hank you

    @e: Sometimes, yes it is. And thank you.


  5. Parenting never ends. EVER. I'm sure they're grateful to you for your support and love.


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