Wednesday, January 23, 2013

some things change, some don't

It's cold. That isn't news. It IS January and it is Chicago. I heard the other day that the single digit temps we had earlier this week were the coldest experienced in this area in two years. And though cold, I wasn't complaining for One: is IS January. Two: it IS Chicago. Three: there isn't wasn't any snow. (There is snow now, but just a tiny bit.) Four: No matter how cold, how bad it is, I know it could be worse.


So, it is cold. And now, a bit of snow. 

The pup however, is not at all phased by the cold or the snow. Granted, she hasn't seen a snowstorm yet. (There have been several inquiries as to whether she can *see* at all, what with all the hair and the phantom eyes.) But, I have a sneaking suspicion that she will handle mounds of snow in the same way she's handled everything else, with great mounds of exuberance.

There is much going around these parts, most of which I have yet to truly wrap around my head and wear it brightly. I'm worried about a some friends. I'm distressed over job, work issues. I'm fearful for my mom. I am harried, heckled, haunted, and hounded much.

But, I have a dog who is mostly calm about getting her hair snipped (except around her eyes). Hard to tell, I know, in the seated (most recent) pic that she has short ringlets instead of the shaggy dog appearance. Trust, she does. I have two cats who suffer the indignities of being (lovingly) mauled by the big, goofy dog with, well, dignity and I dare say, aplomb (mostly). I have a son and a daughter who enjoy talking to me and I enjoy most of that talking, very much.

And while it is very cold, I have heat, hot water, tea, soup, enough clothes to layer upon layer as well as a kick-ass pair of mittens (thanks to my good friend Maxine). I also have (still) a sliver of optimism that this cold snap is just that, a snap. And while my problems (and those of my friends) will not dissipate as the temperatures rise nor entirely on their own. But, solutions will be found, executed.

Things will get better. Here's to the mindset that has better coming sooner rather than too much later.

In the meantime there is the pup to walk, in the cold and tiny bit of snow.


  1. wonderful outlook, adorable pup.

  2. Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves that yes, it will get better.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  3. I took a picture of the car announcing the outside temperature last night: minus 1. Minus 1. Yow. To think it was in the 110s and 120s just this summer. I seem to be moving places just so I can enjoy the worst of their weather!! Extremesssss! lol

    And, as e said, it will get better. A good thing to remember. :)

    I love the pup. Such a good looking baby!

  4. It got colder and more snow fell. Plus my mom is in the hospital with a screamer down the hall.

    Still, all things considered, I could be worse.

    The pup..yeah, good looking baby who was to have had a bath and a trim today, it just didn't happen.

    There is tomorrow, well, today. :)


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