Thursday, March 29, 2007

friends are like bras: close to your heart and there for support

My friend Nina is celebrating a birthday today. I know this because she told me so months ago when we became acquainted through blogging. Some months after I started my blog, I found hers via some link from some other blog. I commented on hers and she responded in kind. She went back to Inauguration and offered the bit of trivia about her birthday.

That is what I love about blogging.

During these past 12 months I’ve shared stories, stories of my past and present. Embedded within those stories are some hopes for my future. I’ve gone on journeys with these stories. I’ve ventured into some fictional exercises with posts like, Jolly and I’ve even been lucky ducky enough to have a post published in the brainchild of some cool ladies from Houston.

I was afforded the opportunity to attend a conference in Memphis, which in turn gave me the chance to meet those cool ladies, Elizabeth and Maxine in full living color and lesbian glory. How cool is that? Say it with me…waaaaaay cooooool ! ! !

Or to put it another way, too totally tubular !

Blogging has been for me, a voice different from that mom, daughter, sister, worker, friend voice I use daily. It is my voice, for me alone. Sharing that voice has prompted others to share, speaking to me through the comments and in some cases, email. Those comments and emails have helped clarify, raise questions, offered solutions, and on many occasions made me laugh out loud.

That is what I love about blogging.

It was the blogging I believe, that gave me the confidence to come out. Hitching up that confidence, I ventured further, endeavoring to meet other lesbian ladies. I held to the hope of finding some who would be friends and perhaps one who would be more. One such lady is currently positioning herself to be the jelly in my roll. How cool is that? Yep yep, that cool.

I’ve had fun, more than I thought I would. I’ve made friends, more than I thought plausible. That inaugural post ended with, I’m not quite sure where I’m going but I do hope the ride will be vigorous, entertaining and enlightening.

That, dear friends, thanks to all of you, it has and continues to be.

How cool is that?

Happy Birthday Nina!


  1. Well aren't you just the cream in my coffee this mornin' baby!

    Thank you! Thank you for the birthday wishes but thank you more for the year you have given us to get to know you! I find you adorable to the enth degree! I have been moved by your courage. My heart lightened from your humor and my life enriched from our relationship which has slipped over from blogger friends to email buddies.

    I do hope Chicago happens for me this year. It seems like the perfect time to hug the stuffing out of you honey.

    Happy Birthday to us both!

  2. Ooo! Had to get mine in! Happy birthday, Nina!

  3. Great post, Deborah.

  4. It is, for sure, a fascinating medium...and a helluva lot of fun. I started to give myself a voice after a long relationship broke helped...and kept me connected.

    Off to Nina's place to wish her a happy.

  5. You make so many good points here... but I just keep going back to "totally tubular" Hee Hee!

  6. elizabeth8:06 PM

    I'll be your 18 hour bra baby. So, why is it only 18 hours? I never got that. Why not 17 hours or 22 hours? Is 18 the maximum bra 'hang' time?

    I'm very happy to be listed among those you call friend. And...the conference was 'ok' but Graceland...oh yeah... carpet on the ceiling. Hunka hunka.


    A birthday song for Neener:

    Neener neener
    She's a cool beaner
    I ain't yet seen 'er
    But I hope to some day

    Neener neener
    A lesbian dreamer
    A funky cold medeener
    I like her that way


    Neener neener
    She's a hot steamer
    She don't like no weiner
    She wants it her way



  7. I don't get the "totally tubular"......

    However, I love "Friends are like bras: close to your heart and there for support".

    Hope you are doing well.

  8. nina: aw shucks. I hope Chicago happens for you too. I'd like to keep my stuffings..but hugging, yes! definitely! :)

    val: thanks

    elizabeth: hehehehehehehe and more. :)

    sober: I am doing well, hope the same for you.

  9. jelly in rolls..cream in coffee.
    mmm being a lesbian is tasty too.

  10. too totally tubular, and the jelly in my roll..... I have never heard these before and they totally made me laugh...proper cool statements liking them a lot...
    I am also happy that you are getting such a positive experience from bloging..
    cool, way cool

    ciao4now x

  11. Hey!

    Can't a friendly straight dude get a little love, too?!>!>!?



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