Tuesday, September 04, 2007

One Down, Four to Go

The first one was brutal. Nothing to eat but sardines & horseradish brutal, six straight days of 10 degree temps brutal, shoes two sizes too small brutal. Brutal, what with Neta’s knee surgery and the painfully slow recovery and return to norms, every phone call, those we were able to have, rendered me impotent, nearly tearing me to shreds. As much as I wanted to talk with her I wanted to be with her more. The bubble and boil we had recently, a testament to the difficulty of the times. But we got through. We come into month number two swathed in the security of our commitment.

Someday soon I will make the reservations for December/January and planning for those days will ensue in earnest. Until then, we will talk, talk and talk some more. Some of that talk undoubtedly, leading to play, expectantly making the days pass like that Indy QB. To that, I say, YaY!


  1. We will wait, and it will be oh so worth it love!

  2. Hang in there! {{{{}}}}

  3. You can do it!!!!
    And do go getting all excited about passes...I hear the Indy QB is gonna have a bad night tomorrow. :-)

  4. disco: You betcha!

    bf: tanks...I will.

    chapin: I think I can and don't bet on it. :-)

  5. the waiting sux large....best of luck getting through it!


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