Friday, September 19, 2008


D-dog, Diamond, the diva is seven years old today. Since coming to us a year ago (next week) she has revealed a feisty, sweet, fierce, perpetually hungry, loving, happy, hefty bundle of curly grey fur.

The plans for the day, I think, were to eat, sleep, punk the cats, sleep, lick her paws, punk the cats, sleep, beg for daughter's cheeseburgers (or whatever she decided to have for lunch), sleep, walk, piss, poop, sleep, drink some water, punk the cats, roll over many times for belly rubs and for good measure, punk the cats. She lived in one household prior to being surrendered to the shelter. Daughter scooped her up before anyone else, even before she was deemed "adoptable." She sure knows how to pick 'em. Happy 7th Diamond girl.
As an aside, Syd talked about meat, more specifically BBQ which of course, made me want some, bad. I entertained thoughts of tossing the cottage cheese that was lunch out the window, but decided just to save it for another day. I did go out for BBQ (flavor anyway). I don't go just anywhere for BBQ and there isn't anyplace around work that comes close to being acceptable. There is a fairly new place that I thought might work for flavorful sauciness. I tested them with a grilled chicken sandwich a couple of weeks ago. It wasn't bad, but they could do better by the chicken by upgrading the bun. Wimpy buns bum me out.
Well, I decided today (since Syd was all over meat BBQ) to try their BBQ chicken breast sandwich. Now, the wimpy bun I expected and was willing to give a pass, but the limp lettuce? Ewww
Worse than the wimpy bun and limpy lettuce was the crap-tastic shit swill they were passing off as BBQ sauce. I don't say (or rather write) this often but...WTF? Seriously. I needed 2 cups of water to wash that muck out of my mouth.
I'm going to go brush my teeth now.
Happy, happy, joy, joy to daughter's dog.


  1. Once you have had good BBQ, you cannot bear any less. We have one really good BBQ restaurant in my city and it is way out of our way, on the other side of the city. Luckily Bing works nearby so I often call her to bring BBQ home for dinner. They have three sauces and that is great since Bing likes the really sweet bbq and I like a vinegar base in mine.

  2. I'm so sorry that I inspired you to eat that shitty BBQ. But, I'm laughing just the same.

    BTW, that pup is cuuuutie-poo-poo.

  3. Diamond is such a sweet looking girl! Love her doggy birthday agenda.

  4. That is one cutie patootie puppy!

    Bad BBQ is the work of Satan.

  5. Congratulations Diamond. Way to go fror finding such a great family to own!

  6. such a cute pooch.

    ugh! bad bbq should be a sin.


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