Friday, February 13, 2009

Chillin Cat

Me and Buttah are completely simpatico these days. He is quite often doing exactly what I'm feeling.

My most favorite of his moves is when he's sauntering about and then suddenly he's splayed over the floor as if every bone in his body decided to melt, dropping him on the spot.

Thankfully I'm not walking behind him at these times as this melting and melding to the floor comes without any warning.


  1. I love when cats do that. UNLESS it's in front of you while descending the stairs. Not funny.

  2. So cute, that cat of yours!

    And how cool if we could do that... of course, I would need traction and a crane to get me up again, so it's probably NOT what I should do anytime soon!

  3. SO, the box he's nesting in?

    How perfect is THAT????

  4. Such a handsome little man! He knows how to chill alright.


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