Thursday, February 26, 2009

Surprised? Yes, Maybe A Little Take -3-

Heavy rain, fog, and snow in forecast

Moving on . . .

In keeping with the quest, I’ve been working to keep my caloric intake low. I’ve also been working to keep my body moving. That generally proves to be my biggest, what with weather related, knee & foot pain related, emotional issues and time crunches. But, I forge ahead.

Thanks to my mom, I experienced a burst of motivation. But, unfortunately that burst was short-lived due to the mother of all mothers, nature and her biiitchy sister, Flo.

What Flo does to me, beyond the water weighty bloat is drive me to food and drink. Not so much chocolate and other sweets (of course if I see ‘em, I’m eatin ‘em) but more the fatty, salty, greasy variety of food. Big, fat, juicy, burgers and mounds and mounds of hot, crispy, salty fries call my name, every day. "Deborah, come…eat us". Cold beer and colder martinis complete the crave craze. I resist the pleas, mostly.

So, it may not surprise anyone that I gained weight over the last week. I’m still at a net loss, but not where I’d hoped to be by this point in the quest.

Hi-ever, I am zooming into the next four weeks, rocket jet fuel propelling to the half-way point with a bigger bang. I have even thought of taking a class. I have done classes with our local park district, but . . . a room full of mirrors, other women (sometimes men), and a teacher exhorting me to “get lower” usually invigorates the klutz factor and well, it isn’t pretty, or safe. Anyhooooo, I saw an article on Zumba, which is apparently big now. And since I’m generally better at dancing (& dancing was part of the original plan) than the more traditional jumping and lunging, I figured win-win.

I looked for a Zumba class that was both schedule & budget friendly. Failing to find one that fit both bills, I’ve decided to do my own brand of Zumba. Home-grown Zumba, if you will with a little northern shimmy thrown in for additional seasoning. Or get a DVD.

Given my tendency toward klutz, it could prove . . . interesting. But at least I’ll be in my own bedroom (executive decsion, xx-ing out living room dancing) and can stumble onto the semi-firm mattress. Unless, I stumble in the other direct . .

Ok, ok think positive, no stumbling. On with progress and down with weight!


  1. You go, girl! ;)

  2. Go for it!

    I can stay away from sweets, it is the salty foods that do me in. I even over indulge in healthy foods. Bing brought home some soy crisps because I was craving potato chips.

    I ate the whole bag.

  3. Good idea.
    Problem with me is I have dozens of exercise tapes/dvd's & never use them.
    The latest best one I saw was that core rythmns by the dancing with the stars pros.

  4. Zumba? Isn't that the thhing that robotically cleans floors???

    I suppose imitating one of them could burn calories, but it might make you lightheaded, so watch out until you have some conditioning time in.

  5. The robot floor cleaning thing is called roomba, I think.


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