Saturday, April 11, 2009

Her Cat. My Cat. Our Cats, The Boys

Her cat is newest to the fold. He's also the youngest of the two cats. In fact he's the youngest of the three fur babies. Diamond, D-dog, the Diva is the grande dame (she'd be so even if she weren't seven, going on eight). Her (Danielle's) cat is Buttah. He came to us last August. Since then, he's celebrated a birthday (he's 2) and has become quite the fixture. He never passes an opportunity to be petted, hugged or fed. He and Diamond aren't the best of friends, but they aren't mean about it, they just give each other a certain amount of s-p-a-c-e. My cat was the first fur baby to arrive. Pete too, was a resident of the Animal Care League. He had been surrendered and was only a few months shy of his second birthday when he came to us in August, 2007. It took Pete a little longer to feel "at home" probably because he was the first and for a few weeks, the only, with Diamond arriving some weeks later. Diamond and Pete weren't instant hits, but they warmed to one another soon enough. Pete let Diamond have her way (and her way with him) and she since that's the way she wanted it, golden.
The two of them, Pete and Buttah, or "the boys" are more often than not, in the same place at the same time. Buttah, the heavier of the two, powers Pete aside from a feed bowl, rather than seek out the other bowl. Buttah usually initiates the romps as well as their other interactions, despite Pete being the more aggressive of the two. However, Pete is also more skittish. Pete jumps at nearly every noise, he is particularly dis-trustful of plastic bag rustling and aluminum foil ripping. He likes to be held (for about 30 seconds) and tends to be picky about moist food. He doesn't seem to hold any preferences when it comes to the dry kibble. By contrast, Buttah will eat anything wet, balks at the kibble, but will, if desperate, gobble it up as well. Buttah is not skittish. All hell can be breaking loose and he won't budge, especially if food is in the vicinity.

We love our boys as much as they love one another. Individually they are fantastic. Together they are simply, the best.


  1. That was great!
    I love animals.
    So much more than people.
    Yours are beautiful!

  2. I never thought of myself as a "pet person." Always swore that I would never be one of those people who act like their cat or dog is part of their family.

    And then Socks came to live with us. Now he runs the joint.

  3. I love reading about other people's fur kids.

  4. Those are some mightby fine lookin' boys, too! Very sweet!


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