Thursday, August 07, 2008

One. More. Pet.

This is Butter. I came home this evening to find This, after I expressly and quite distinctly said, "no more pets."
The back story, if you're interested; D found him a few weeks ago wandering in a neighborhood where she was house-sitting. He didn't have tags and he seemed...lost, which obviously, he was. She scooped him up and took him to the (her) shelter. She scanned him for a micro-chip and came up empty. She fed him, gave him water and cleaned him up a bit. She isolated him and over the next several days the vet ran the usual checks and tests. He was deemed healthy.
Having not been claimed and deemed adoptable, preparations were made to take him out of isolation. D told the staff she was interested and asked them to put him on hold him. She told me about him last week and asked me to meet him, which I agreed to do, saying all along, "no more pets." Tactical error, I fully admit.
After a very tearful meet-and-greet session she finally said, "ok, I understand", though I think we both knew it wasn't the end. "Mom, I found him" were the last words she uttered on the subject until I came home today and found him, here. And here he is, meeting Pete and Diamond. Pete is curiously cautious or cautiously curious depending on your point of view and Diamond wants to hump his butt. Butter (ha ha coincidence) is having none of that.

I am angry but that will pass. Butter at approximately 18 months is younger than Pete by nearly a year and is very cuddly and has the cutest little mew.
Daughter and her crew will be moving, someday. Sooner.
In the meantime, no. more. pets. And that's final.


  1. It's his face. How could she resist that face?

  2. LOL...backbone of cooked spaghetti!
    I would have said absolutely NO, well maybe, OK but under protest just like you!

  3. SUre. You say that NOW, but with a D like that, I wouldn't count on it. :)

    You do good momming.

  4. I swear by the belief that we get the animal souls we're meant to have. He crossed her path for a reason.

    BTW, it's always No More until the next one. :)

  5. He looks just like two big old orange tomcat. His name is Chester. Orange tabbies are notoriously good natured and easy going.

  6. I see that she shares my motto..."easier to seek forgiveness than ask permission"

  7. Orange cats are honestly the best. They have the best personalities! We have two cats. One is orange and wonderful. The other is an Ocicat and is a total bitch.

    So keep the orange boy and adore him!

  8. Ohmyword, D. - That is a cute cat. No more pets though, right? Right? I saw this really cute white and gold kitten about six months old in my yard, he's really cute - want him?

  9. no more pets- until next time. ;)

  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE orange cats. IF we get a cat in our future, it will be orange! Enjoy! He's a handsome guy!

  11. The best pets often come from those sorts of "tactical errors".

    Congrats on the new fam member.


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