Monday, May 11, 2009


Updated: SEVEN Blogging Women.

You like my earring(s)? It's ok if you don't, mom didn't. I think her exact words were, "those are some ugly ass earrings." I hadn't asked her opinion, I rarely do, as she and I rarely see eye-to-eye about anything. Earrings being the least of our areas of differences.

I'm not nuts about the earrings, as I'm not a dangling earring kinda girl, but the purchase benefited a charity (mental illness) and they go with my new blue tee.

A fellow walker (from the walking group I joined) noted that they looked like the AT & T logo. Perhaps that's why mom had such a visceral reaction. She and AT & T are not the best of buds.

Ugly earrings aside, the late lunch/early dinner at a place new to me that Danielle and I certainly will visit again (the gift cards they gave away will help), was very pleasant. The food was great and I ate a bit too much, eventhough some of my bourbon salmon managed to get snagged.

That was Sunday.

Prior to this weekend I'd been lucky enough to meet
four fellow blogging women. Now, I can say that I've met five, well six if you count M, which I do. We met, talked, drank, ate, and were having such a good time, the time seemed to fly by. The food was as good as the company and I ate (and drank) a bit too much.

That was Saturday.

My scale told the tale on Monday morning, but in my view well worth the two pound gain.

Still, there is the quest. Back to the regime. Walking, riding, and lifting more. Eating (less).


  1. Hey, you met me! Remember, it was the same night you met Nina. We had dinner at the Russian Tea Room. I was the redhead without the Norwegian accent. :?)

  2. I like the ear rings, but I couldn't wear them because they are dangly. If they touched my neck, I'd probably rip an ear off.

  3. BA: Mea Culpa...OMGosh!! How right you are!! I had my head wrapped (too tight), around the women I met f2f after meeting them via their blogs. I have the distinct pleasure and honor of meeting you before I read your blog.

  4. Syd: Which is one of the reasons I don't usually wear dangly ones. I'm fiddling with them all the time.

  5. I think her exact words were, "those are some ugly ass earrings."
    Oh, my, my,mama!! As an earring "Whore" for the record,I like them even do they do have a little bit of the "At&T flava!! LOL
    Glad you got to meet more blogging buddies and had a great time!! Hopefully we too will meet one day! Let's keep hope alive! :-)

  6. Well I think they're cute. Not for me, tho'. I like turquoise, esp for summer! They're very summery! Yea, summer's here!

    "Ugly ass earings!" That cracks me up.

  7. I like 'em.

    Hoorya for meeting new folks, and bloggers to boot!


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