Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Life At Present

At work I’m reviewing candidates for a new part-time position. The opportunity is available due to a new venture the owner is moving to Chicago, in the office building we occupy. Part of this person’s duties will be to assist me, and that is just about the extent of my knowledge of the whole shebang. The next few weeks should be interesting.

At home I wondering what possessed Danielle to snip Diamond’s facial hair soooo close. I loved the lop-sided bearded look. It gave her so much character. Thankfully, her hair grows very fast.

Also at home, I’m whooping for joy that Michael got a part he’d wanted. Details (more than you ever thought possible, likely) on that to come over time and as the performance time draws near. Michael told me that his co-workers (all women—he works at a children’s hospital) want to go to the performance on the night I’m there (or at least one of the night’s I’m there) as they are so very anxious to meet me. Makes me wonder what it is he talks about at the water cooler.

Further at home, ‘the boys’ are still lovey-dovey all over one another. Diamond isn’t crazy about her diet and I suspect really hates the new ‘do. Danielle is conflicted re: guys. Not, guys over ‘dolls’ but over two guys. ::sigh::

And finally, I may have mentioned that I joined a walking group. If not, then…I joined a walking group some weeks back. I didn’t walk with them for a few weeks after joining as it was cold, icy, rainy, snowy, and so on. Once the weather starting being more agreeable, I –rsvp’d- and attended more sessions. Seventeen walks in the last 8 or so weeks. The walks are approximately three miles at a pace that is well, let’s just say beyond my normal pace. The first few walks were quite the challenge. Recently and with each outing become less so. I have to bike a bit over a mile to meet-up with the walkers so, I have chosen to avoid going during high winds or rain. I don’t know yet, how I’ll manage when I can no longer bike. I’ve already tried to walk to the meet-up spot, participate in the walk, and then walk home. Two things: first, damn my ankles hurt by the time I got home and second, damn my ankles hurt by the time I got home. I hope to participate in no fewer than two walks a week. When I don’t walk, I’ll ride, except in the event of high winds and / or rain. I haven’t decided what I’ll do as winter approaches and I won’t be able to ride to the walks. Perhaps by then, I’ll be fit enough for the 5 miles (give or take) round-trip without my ankles hurting (too much).

And finally, finally (for real this time) Thanks to all for your concern, I’m, as
Dave would say, when asked, ‘howya doin’?’ “living”.


  1. Yay for Micheal! And why do you spend a minute trying to understand WHY Danielle does anything? [wink]

    Love the idea of a walking group. We don't have those out in BFE. I suppose the cows would follow me, if I carried a bucket. Not quite the same.

  2. Congratulations to Michael that is awesome!

    I think everyone should have an "ass"istant! Since I've done that most of my life I think they are fabulous and be nice to them!

  3. WONDERFUL news about your son!

    And I admire you for walking. I walk the dog twice a day and admit that I pretty much hate it.

  4. Anonymous6:34 PM

    Yeah for the news w/your son. He must be telling some great stories that his coworkers all want to meet you!

    The walking group sounds interesting. I sometimes walk w/work friends at lunch, definitely more fun to walk with someone than by oneself.


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