Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thought For The Day

We were in a truck that wasn’t her Escape, pulling up and walking into a yard that wasn’t our yard. The cats, Pete and Buttah were in said yard digging at the grasses. Perplexed, I asked, “you let them out?” Dani replied, “I didn’t let them out, they got out through the hole in the refrigerator.”

And that is where the dream ended or rather all that I can remember.

I have chosen to believe that the meaning of this dream is no deeper than my desire and need for a new refrigerator, plain and simple. No, there aren’t any holes in my current refrigerator nor as far as I know, no portals to the outside world, but yeah it is in a state and must be replaced.

The assistant survived last night's meeting. The owner told me they had a talk, she was very defensive, didn't see where she was "chatty" and / or how disruptive she was being. She didn't say a word to me all day. No good morning, no good evening. She did say, "thank you" when I held the door as we were leaving for the day. However, throughout the day she gifted me with the queen of cold shoulders she even hummed whenever we were in the same space, to avoid any direct interaction.

She avoided eye or any other contact with me all day. Like the "Laugh-In" line, this is getting verrrry interesting, but stupid.

C'est la vie.


  1. This chick sounds like she's in middle school!

  2. God, chatty co-workers. Ugh. Good luck, Deb!

    And I agree with you...the fridge dream is probably related to the fact that you must have been thinking about it before sleep and then, well...maybe one of the cats made a noise or jumped on your bed, insinuating itself into your dreams...

  3. If she HONESTLY doesn't understand that she is chatty and disruptive... she probably doesn't know any other way to control it than not saying anything at all... I imagine she's started looking for a new job after the "chat" anyway.
    Man, I would LOVE a new fridge - not that I need one, just that I love shiny stainless steel things. Not gonna do it, though.

  4. Just be thankful for the silence. If that's how she's going to react, I'd be sure to piss her off on a regular basis.

  5. Ignore her and appreciate EVERY second of silence! Very immature behavior on her part.

  6. PF: That she does.

    Maria: Thanks. I overheard something today . . . well, let's just say the plot is thicker. Ick.

    NCP: She honestly doesn't. The temperature is warmer today but she's clearly unawares of her, uhm..habits. You may be right about the job hunt, but I think, well, she's got other stuff going on. (Thanks to her ranting in the breakroom, on her cell, with her bff? --6 of us know her bizness). Ick. ~~I have to have a fridge, I'd just as soon spend the bux elsewhere, but whatchagonna do?

    Syd: I am thankful or rather I should say was. Sheesh.

    Val: Good advice and yes, very.

  7. Here's hoping a new fridge is in your near future.

    The ass sounds like...well...an ass.

    Good luck with that.


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