Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday

I have finally made an appointment to see a dentist. I haven't been to a dentist since I left a former dentist's office after being kept waiting forever . Wow, that was over three years ago.

My medical doctor has been pushing me to get to the dentist. Dental health is as important . . yada x3. I know, but I can't stand the dentist. Plus which, there was the rigmarole of finding a new dentist, dropping the old dentist, getting a new dentist authorized as primary. She'd given me the name and number for her dentist on at least two of our visits. Her dentist is not in my insurance network so I couldn't see him.

I searched the insurance company's data base for possible good fits and eventually came up with three prospects.

Each office was contacted, asked some questions toward me getting a feel for the staff and office procedures. One office stood out among the other two. The person who took my call was friendly, professional, patient, and thorough.

That was months ago, and having danced the insurance administrative paperwork jig, all that was left was to make the actual appointment, which thanks to yet another nudge from Doctor F, I have finally done.

The staffer who assisted me last week was as friendly, thorough, and efficient as the one (possibly the same, point being...consistency) who answered my questions those many months ago. As you might imagine, I was the one answering questions this time around, Name? First time here? Carrier? D. O. B.? At hearing my reply, kindly staffer wished me a happy belated birthday.

How is that for being in the moment? Anyhoo...

Here's hoping the dentist is as nice (not to mention being good at the dentistry stuff) as this staffer presents.


  1. Anonymous8:52 AM

    After many years, I finally have a good dentist. I love her, and her staff. I love them so much, I take better care of my teeth, just to get the dental pat on the head!!!

  2. I'm a dentalphobic from WAY back, but yes, it is IMPORTANT to take care of your teeth, so GOOD FOR YOU!

  3. I have had the same dentist since I was 24... he's EXCELLENT! Not that I love to go... i don't. But seeing my grandmothing with falseones, i wanna hang onto mine. And i LOVE getting my teeth cleaned - every 6 months! WOOHOO!! What a feeling!

  4. You're a brave woman! Dentists are evil people who inflict pain and discomfort on poor unsuspecting people.

    I break out in a cold sweat just thinking of them.



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