Sunday, October 04, 2009

Another Saturday Night

The boys are at it again, still. No news there, nothing to see, let's move it along . . .
Not a big fan of being in the water (as in swimming) I am a big fan of water, ripples to waves. Water is a fascinating element.
Several weeks ago one of the meet-up groups had a change. The organizer(s) decided to step down from that position as they needed to concentrate on other pursuits. I met them for a few adventures and like them very much. Luckily, I get to keep up with them (and they me) via fb and blogging.
The meet-up organization sent out a call for a new organizer and in stepped Ronnie. She is the organizer of another group and felt it wouldn't be overly taxing to add the Thrifty Queer Adventurers. Eager to meet the new organizer, I was happy to see the first event scheduled soon after the announcement.
The second even came shortly after the first and it was during that event Friday night, that Ronnie invited me (and the other participant) to a party, Saturday night.
A party? Me?
My first instinct was to decline the invitation. I didn't decline outright, but offered to defer, "let me see how Saturday pans out, I'll let you know." The evening wore on (and on, not in that way, but fun none-the-less) and the subject was broached once, twice again. I agreed to go to the party.
Ronnie quipped, "It's a pot-luck, surprise, surprise. Lesbians and pot-luck!" And so, there was food, drink, music via a deejay, dancing and lots and lots and more, w-o-m-e-n.
There were women from the city and 'burbs, women in business and skilled trades, women in partnerships and those not. I talked, laughed, and danced with women. Lots and lots and more, women.
I'm a big fan of women, ripples to waves. Women are fascinating elements.


  1. My first instinct would be to decline too. Good for you, that you went!! Sounds like a good weekend.

  2. Both Friday and Saturday were much fun, but staying up (and out) past midnight two nights running . . . whew.

  3. YEAAAAA! See that's the way it's supposed to be!! Those nights used to be so much fun!!! Good thing you've been riding your bike so much & have built up your stamina!! (Did you get any phone #'s???)

  4. Hey Middle Girl!! Been a long time since I stopped by to comment. Glad I did though. I just have one question: "Where there any *WOMEN* there? :-P Glad you had a great time girl!! And heres to MANY more!!

  5. Kmae, I got and gave.

    Hey Zenobia, long time no see! And why, yes...there were women there!

  6. Well, you lady killer, you....


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