Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm Gonna Tell Yo Momma

Remember the cousin who e-mails me forwarded junk stuff? Well, it has continued, once a week or so since that post. In the beginning I opened every one. Then, as I determined no special thought was proffered along with the forwards, I slowed on opening them and often simply ignore them. Now and again, I'll get suckered intrigued by the subject line, hoping for something profound, interesting or really, really funny.

Damn. I would assign them to spam but she is, well, family and she might someday send me something . . . relevant.

Recently I heard from my mother that this cousin is hurt that I don't even bother to respond to her missives.


Did I mentioned these are forwards?

That she doesn't even preface? Not even with a "HELLO"??

The most recent spat of Fw: Fwd: include: 7 reasons not to mess with children --a take on children say the darnedest things You can't fix stupid --10 recitations of stupid human tricks and Generation Y --a breakdown of the various generations; silent, baby boomers, X and Y --and why Y? a cartoonist's rendition of a young male with his pants sagging revealing the Y at the top of his ass.

Hardee har har har....

Probably I should (could) at least acknowledge the mail. As she told my mom, "I make a special effort to reach out."

I'm a little miffed that she told my mom. She's 53 years old!!

My first thought was to file mom's report away as...heh. Oh sure, rant and rave (to Danielle) but otherwise let forwarding emailers rest.

But, I didn't. I emailed my cousin and I told her why I don't respond to her forwards. I let her know that while it is nice? to be included in the list, it'd be nicer still to hear how she, her husband, daughters, and grandson are doing. It might be nice if she asked after me and mine, once in awhile. That I might be more apt to respond to fw: fwd: if there weren't all soooo banal.
I thought once, twice, before hitting send. Was I stepping into a beehive? Would I be stung?



  1. You did Well.
    PLUS you could add

  2. Anonymous8:49 AM

    I can't WAIT to see what she tells your mom about this!

  3. She told on you? hahahaha

    You did the right thing. Not that it won't bite you in the ass, but it was the right thing.

  4. Sometimes you just have to be honest. I bet she never sends you anything again because that's what happens when you're honest. The other person gets pissed and clams up.

    Love the penguins, btw.

  5. Brava!

    My money is on her not responding to you, but you hearing from your mother how doubly wounded she is. Maybe send her to passive agressive notes website...

  6. Oh...we all have one of those in our lives don't we? You handled this beautifully Deborah. Good for you.

  7. You did the right thing. I don't acknowledge my dad's multiple forwards each day - he says he sends them to stay connected. They are often political in nature and denigrate a race, sexuality, or gender. When I "Reply All" it usually gets him to stop for a while. Then he's mad. Oh, well.

  8. I HOPE you hit send. Would this relative telephone you every time she heard a joke? I think not.

    "Family" doesn't mean you always have to play in their asylum.

  9. Anonymous5:53 PM

    That took guts to send that, good for you!


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