Friday, February 05, 2010

It's Been One of Those

First off, it's been a year. And for the most part, I am better. Not necessarily happier, but better. We do talk on occasion and we declare our undying friendship. In reality it doesn't feel alive, like it's thriving, but it is there.

Second, there is no new love in the midst. I've met some wonderful women (the best, already in committed relationships) and have had some good times. I have some budding friendships and that is good. To be fair I haven't felt much like dating in that sense, well, until recently. Now, all there is to do is to find her, woo her, and . . . vice versa.

Third, when I say no new love in the midst, I should add . . . anymore. Well, it really hadn't gotten to that point yet but seemingly some potential for something more than friends. But whatever was, might have been seems to have fizzled, faded, moved on-ward to other endeavors.

Fourth, it's probably just as well.

Fifth, it's been a year and then some.

Sixth, hey, did I mention my son moved back home? It is temporary. It is crowded. It is hectic.

Seventh, diva dog is in an E-Collar . She has a thing (yes, medical term) very near her eye that is somewhat inflamed. She's on meds to bring the inflammation under control. After two weeks of meds she will have the thing removed.

Eighth, it's been quite somber. She is . . . sad.

Ninth, I inadvertently locked my son inside the apartment. He felt so strongly about behing late to rehearsal that he jumped (ok, climbed) out of the window.

Tenth, this one day after leaving rehearsal on a gurney on the way to an ER after having thrown his back out.

Eleventh, Lumbago diagnosis and a handful of prescriptions followed him home.

Twelfth, We (or rather, Daughter) is fostering a shelter cat. His name is Chaplin and NO, NO MORE PETS!! He's sick and wouldn't eat at the shelter. The hope is that he'll eat in more comfortable surroundings. Apparently we will, has. I feel for the little bugger, but NO!

And speaking of NO...the New Orleans Saints are IN the SUPERBOWL. And yes, I'm rootin' for them. I don't have a personal stake per se, but some friends do and, well . . . GO SAINTS, MARCH ALL OVER THE COLTS!!!

Finally, it's been a year. . . talking, laughing, loving, breathing, fighting, fucking, crying, drinking, writing winning, losing, cheating, kissing, thinking . . . dreaming.*

Being. Evermore.

*portion of "The L Word" theme.


  1. I has been a year, hasn't it?

    Find that kitten a home! I understand the no more pet thing. I feel like I am tripping over them already. Maybe because they are always underfoot?

  2. Girl don't I KNOW what you mean about it being a year!!! And this one didn't start off much better. But moving on. And to your Saints, I say "Colts, kick some New Orleans tucus and don't be SAINTS about it!!!
    I used to live in Indiana,first born was hatched there so I have to root for the former home team!!::Stomping::
    "We Will, We Will, Rock You!!!"

  3. I'm with you about the Saints. Bing is a big Indianapolis fan, so I just taunt her.

    And your son is DEDICATED. I fell on ice yesterday and messed up my back and um...GROIN muscle...(ICK!) and you can barely talk me into climbing up steps.

  4. Oh Deborah!
    Sad about that fuckin' relationship...
    I like how you listed all this...
    I admire how you have gone on to meet new people in 'the life.'
    All this writing will definately be worth it!
    Can't believe the son is back home. crap.
    no picture of the new foster kitty?
    I gotta get off the computer & off my ass before the superbowl starts. I don't really care, but tend to lean towards the Colts because they;re a better team.
    I understand the majority's support of the Saints.

  5. I, too, like the list formatof this format and 2010 will be better... it sounds like you're in a good place to know what you're looking for and well, it seems you're ready to move into something permanent.

    Go you!

  6. Oh my, a house full!

    I'm trying to imagine how complicated it would be to start a new relationship under the watchful eyes of your children. Sorry for giggling at that notion.

  7. @ the dish. Yes, so far it has. And just think, I was soooo anxious for 2009 to be done. hmpf. Foster kitty has gone back to the shelter. I hope HE does find a home. He seemed really sweet.

    @ Zenobia--well, the ship has sailed. The Colts aren't the ones going to Disney World. Saaawwwry. lol

    @ Maria: yes, my son is dedicated. He's dressed up in his finest evening clothes, out to celebrate & party with some theatre folks.

    @ Val: Yes, it (usually) feels like I'm in a good place as far as that is concerned and it (usually) feels like I'm ready to move on. Now some other moons, stars and planets need to align and then...score. ;)

    @ Syd: complicated pretty much sums it up. And yep, giggles abound.


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