Thursday, May 13, 2010

Change Will Do You Good ?

There is a change jar with a counter on my desk in my office at work. I don't happen to think it, as a product, it is all that noteworthy. But, it seems to garner a lot of attention. Perhaps, too much attention. I happen to like the jar and I like that it sits on my desk in my office at work. But, perhaps I should change the jar to a less prominent location.
Speaking of my office, yesterday I had a meeting with a couple of representatives from some company looking to have our company expand the services their company provides to our company. As is usually the case in these tandem sit-downs (I was totally bamboozeled by the guy who scheduled the meet, I didn't warn tell me about the other guy joining us) one of the two does most of the talking. The other is there to punctuate and to spit performance stats.
During this meet the second guy did what the second guy normally does but he also did something else. Every few minutes he checked out of the meeting and checked out my office. He read labels on boxes and cabinets, checked out photos on my walls and cabinets. He took note of every note tacked to each of the bulletin boards. He drank it all in. It was a tad disconcerting. I mean, I'm not ashamed of anything I have up and about, or I wouldn't have it up and about, but his taking measure of it all, so deep, so intently, during the meeting, no less, made me feel . . . exposed.
I don't know, maybe it was me. Maybe I was just upset that I'd forgotten to call to cancel the damn meeting, as it was probably the last (or, next to last) thing I wanted or needed to do. Maybe I took special note of his obvious notice of everything (including the change jar) because of the attention the change jar had been getting.
Perhaps, it is some kind of sign that something needs to, is going to, change.


  1. Yikes.
    What a nosey motherfucker.

  2. That's just rude. I can't stand for people to read the list on my refrigerator. No idea why, but it feels like such and invasion.

  3. Kinda creepy. It would make me not want to do business with that company.

    I have to say, I find the jar noteworthy. I'm sure it's somewhat entertaining for people to see if you've added change and how much.

  4. That guy would have totally creeped me out too. I have these things in my office for my enjoyment. Not anyone else's. Too bad you forgot to cancel that meeting! :)

  5. I think you can always look at life as a big change jar - sometimes you put in and sometimes you take out. Change will do you good - and it buys you a Snickers bar when you need one in an emergency.

  6. I'm really surprised that they would use that sort of intimidating tactic. That is NOT the impression you want to make when you are courting. What an idiot.


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