Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up, The Story

SUNDAY: The rain didn't start until after I left home at around 9 Sunday morning. I still could have turned back. The bus was still some minutes away. I sip my coffee, contemplating. I decide to go on. I didn't turn back toward home. I figured worst case I'd be damp at the parade, and / or I could always leave mid-parade if it got too bad. But, it didn't. The skies cleared and the weather was just gorgeous. As were the sights, sounds, and sense of community felt throughout the day. *that's my friend Goody, she took the pic.

The parade is as it always (well, the three I've attended) is...full of politicos, costumes, thumpa thumpa beats, and people. Lots and lots and lots and lots of people!!! What I've liked most about the three (well, actually 2 1/2) parades I've attended is the diversity. Younger, older, many cultures, truly a veritable, well, rainbow. THAT is simply divine.

Saturday: The sun was out in full force. I slunk around the condo much of the day, slinking myself right into a headache. My daughter needed her hair braided and while I love my daughter dearly, I no longer love to braid hair. After the braiding we had an errand and it is here I provided the opening for the headache to attack. I took a nap, woke to see USA lose to Ghana and nearly decided not to go to the Pride Fest. Not because of the soccer game loss, but because I was feeling sluggish, tired, and didn't really want to go alone. But, I bucked up, got dressed, and went. And I'm glad I did. It was great, great fun!

FRIDAY: I'd RSVP'd to attend a function after work which I rarely do because it makes for a really long day. But, it was Friday. I didn't have to be up early the next day, so I went to the world premiere of Genderblind.

Here again, it was nice to be among family and given that it was a predominately Black (or African-American) affair, felt even more like a family gathering. I enjoyed the film, but would have enjoyed it more if some technical issues had been addressed prior to the screening. The story is quite powerful and thought-provoking, but the soundtrack got in the way. I also thought the filmmaker a tad too ambitious as the story-line seemed to go off the rails a bit. But, I applaud her effort and diligence in breathing life into her dream. Bravura.

It was a wonderful event and I'm glad I participated, even if it did make for a long day / night (likely contributing to the headache on Saturday).

All-in-all, Pride weekend 2010 was colorful, robust, fun, chock full of a cast of characters, and good times which will blend into lasting memories.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Well, wrap-up is not quite correct. Or rather, not quite now. Until I can compose myself, let me leave you with this . . . Happy Days!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Good Golly Miss Molly

So, I'm walking down the street and I encounter a guy who is suffering the worst case of flop sweat I've seen in some time. He'd taken off his suit jacket, revealing his shirt which was drenched from his armpits, neck, and his stomach. It was only 2 in the afternoon. I sure hope he was on his way home and not back to the office.

On this out-of-doors excursion during my lunch-time, I saw a woman of indeterminate age sauntering along with her shirt pulled {too far} up either because her tummy and breasts {pretty lacy bra} were very, very hot {no, she was not--in that way} or because, well, just because.

And finally, navigating around vigorous bean bag toss game going on in front of a local sports bar, apparently closed for a private party--who thought it a bright idea to extend said party from the enclosed street side patio to the sidewalk--is worst than navigating around the sidewalk diners, waitstaff, and the like.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

No Celebration

As long as the stars shine down from the heavens
As long as the rivers run to the sea
I'll never get over you getting over me *

The day started as so many others. I rose a tad sluggish but felt energized after a shower and hot coffee. Prepped and dressed with some pep in my step, I head to the train, picking up a RedEye , deciding I wasn't in the mood for the book currently in my bag, along the way.
The RedEye, with its brief spin on the news of the previous day, entertainment tid-bits, human interest items, devotion to photos, puzzles, and games is light and fluffy enough for my short commute. My usual routine is to thumb through the beginning on the way to the puzzles. Now and again, an article or feature, that I hadn't already read on-line, catches my eye.
Now and again happened on Friday. Kyra's column catches my eye. As I begin to read emotion I hadn't realized I was still harboring over my own father, and quite possibly all fathers, my kid's, my brother, an uncle hear and there, all the fathers who missed the memo on what being a father meant spilled out of my eyes. And wouldn't stop. I couldn't rein it in the entire way to my stop and even on the short walk to the office building.

As I read about lessons taught, traditions upheld, and times treasured I couldn't help but think about lost opportunity, wisdom, and tranquility.

Not to mention companionship.

One of the reasons I'm drawn to USA network's "In Plain Sight" is due to the portrayal of Mary Shannon's (played by Mary McCormack) relationship with her absentee father. She is resigned to his absence while be haunted by his abandonment. And though she has the resources at her disposal to look for him, she refuses. I think the fear of what she'd find in him is greater than the desire to have him back in her life.

My dad rarely crosses my mind, but it is clear from my reactions to other tributes, that he remains embedded and likely always will be.

*Expose: I'll Never Get Over

Friday, June 18, 2010

Five for Friday

One: Something I read on the way to work drove me to tears.

Two: Thankfully, various antics of various co-workers have turned that glum mood sunny.

Three: And speaking of sunny, WoW! What a scorcher it is shaping up to be.

Four: The scorcher days are my kinda days, generally speaking. Though, I must admit, something has changed with regard to my tolerance level.

Five: I know I'm biased, but my son is a very interesting, thought provoking man. And funny too.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Gratitude Friday

On this day, I am grateful for whatever city department / crew / workforce responsible for the cutting back of tree limbs rendering the traffic signal of at least one major intersection visible.

Oh sure, one can ascertain a safe / safer / safest time to cross the multi-lane roadway by checking on-coming traffic and carefully gauging ability to (win)? but having the visual cue has proven somewhat comforting for this pedestrian.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lost In . . . Something

Yesterday morning my daughter and I were shooting the breeze, both of us in various stages of getting ready for our respective workday. Her (2nd) closet is near my bedroom and we often use the opportunity of her trips there to chit-chat over any given morning's animal antics and other things.
Yesterday, she asked after my face, skin. She commented that it looks better and wonder if it felt better as well.
I relayed that it did feel better. I launched into how I was staying away from acidic foods, trying various topical creams and lotions to combat not just the itching, but the dryness as well.
She picked up a small bottle of one such topical, something I was no longer using. I'd run into a store on the way somewhere, needing some kind of moisturizer for my bag. Seeing her finger the bottle, I said, "in fact, since I stopped using that stuff, my face and neck feel much, much better."
She looked at the product she was holding, making her eyes go wide. I could see the guffaw build up within her long before it blasted out of her mouth.
You see, instead of putting on a skin lotion from a similar line of products as pictured, I'd been applying a hair conditioner. To my face. I didn't even know they made hair care products. It was a trial size bottle and I admit I hadn't really read the bottle. (I was in a hurry, I saw the product line got it, and gone.) Even after deciding not to use it anymore, it didn't register that I should look at the bottle. I did make a mental note to check the ingredients before I made any future purchases.
Her hearty laugh and, "you put this on your face....for daaaaays???" is still ringing in my ears.
But, yes . . . looking and feeling, much better. Thanks for askin'.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Buttah Week

I made a tactical error. Well, I've likely made a few, but this one continues to come back up like curdled milk. Speaking of which, I stopped drinking cow's milk. I drink almond milk, vanilla flavored. Almond milk is reportedly more healthful but I switched mainly because someone suggested it, I tried it, loved it and now, it is my beverage of choice, along with water, wine, vodka, beer, gin, rum, and . . . anyhoo, where was I? Oh, tactical error:

Last fall, leading into winter I revealed to someone an introspection. A thought, a feeling, a, I don't know what, but let them in my head. Now, many months later, she won't leave my head. She's constantly asking IF? WHEN? WHAT? HOW? ~~I'd said something about feeling that changes (possibly big) were on tap for 2010 for me and mine. Just a feeling, nothing concrete that I could point to, outside of three milestone birthdays in 2010, work events that were pretty sure to bring some calculable changes, and events that had occurred just prior to making that statement that were more likely than not going to prove to be agents for some kind of change.

This person (who shall remain nameless) continues to query me because she is, "waiting" and "curious" about If. When. What. How.

I, on the other hand, am not waiting, I'm doing. I am not curious, I'm pensive, possibly excited, and absolutely sure that the change or changes, whatever, whenever, how many ever, will be received in the best possible fashion. Absorb. Adjust. Continue.

Not really all that profound when you stop to think. Who was it that said, "the one thing that is constant is change" ?