Friday, June 18, 2010

Five for Friday

One: Something I read on the way to work drove me to tears.

Two: Thankfully, various antics of various co-workers have turned that glum mood sunny.

Three: And speaking of sunny, WoW! What a scorcher it is shaping up to be.

Four: The scorcher days are my kinda days, generally speaking. Though, I must admit, something has changed with regard to my tolerance level.

Five: I know I'm biased, but my son is a very interesting, thought provoking man. And funny too.


  1. i miss reading blogs and blogging in general... i love your 5!

  2. So what drove you to tears?
    For sure not the weather!

  3. I love summer, but it is only June. It should not be this hot and humid.

    Glad you were cheered up!

  4. You forgot handsome. Your son is good looking.

  5. @ nina: miss reading you (yours) ::sigh:: thanks.

    @ kmae: no, not the weather. i'm writing about it, i'll share.

    @ the dish: tecnically summer doesn't start until monday, but yes, somewhat early for this level of h & h...but, i'll take it over the alternative any day. :)

    @ syd: thank you. i agree, but then i'm biased. :)


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