Thursday, September 30, 2010

Who Did It?!?

It is a small, ceramic, green teapot. It once posed decoratively on the lowest of a three shelf book and/or knick-knack shelving unit. It is now in two pieces. Well, technically three, the two base pieces held together by the bamboo handle.

It can be repaired. Hot glue should do.

Once repaired it will nestle snugly in my daughter's moving (eventually) box where some of other precious breakables live.

Who did IT? Rhetorical. We all know Buttah did IT. It is what he does. But then, it isn't really his fault. He is clumsy and I know that.

And I think he enjoys watching things fall and crash. I see him push and shove objects around until they fall to the floor. Nearly immediately upon impact he peers around with those iridescent eyes, satisfaction radiating from his whiskers.

He saunters away to nibble some kibble. Once sated, he returns, yowling to be held, cradled like a baby. It is what he does.

And I know this.


  1. That is a cuddly looking guy! Very cute

  2. Cuddly but naughty!


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