Sunday, September 26, 2010


Peter, my brown tabby is joining me for coffee this morning. It has been awhile since he has hung out with me here at the computer, that is usually Buttah's domain. But, this morning, it's Peter, or rather, Pete. I really only call him Peter when I'm upset frustrated with his antics.

I feel for him though. Several times a day (judging by what I witness most evenings and over the weekend) he has to fend off not only Buttah's playful jousting but Diamond's attentions as well. Have you ever seen a dog hump a cat? From the side? Hardeharharhar funny stuff. He submits for all of 15 seconds before he leaps out of her grasp. She licks her bearded chops as though to say, "another time my pretty, another time."

But, the antics of my nutty, (apparently horny, at least in Diamond's case, though I'm convinced Buttah has a love jones for Pete, yes in that way) furry babies is not the topic today. No, the topic today is the monthly visitor. Well, not monthly anymore but certainly still visiting, at least this month. One moment while I, aaarrrrrrrgggggggahhhh!


Now, the odd, unfinished, barely formed dreams make sense. Well, not the dreams but the fact of the dreams. See, I hardly dream. Or rather, I hardly ever remember (any parts) of my dreams. But recently there was the dream that started with my daughter in one of my old childhood homes that ending with me and a stranger (guy) dancing. The other night I dreamt that I was being forced to wear high heeled shoes. Ugly, high heeled shoes. Last night's dream had my daughter becoming my mother, my son became my father, and the animals became my in-laws. We were sitting down to a meal and arguing about papayas.

What confounds me about the visitor "Auntie Flo" especially in this stage (since my early to mid forties) of life aside from never knowing when or even that it will arrive is that every pre-arrival is different. Sometimes it is insomnia. Others, I crave salty food. And still others, I crave sweets, especially chocolate. Sometimes all of those conditions barrel in on me at once. This time it is the dreams. And while I linked my recent (and current) eczema flare-up to the stress over the job situation and concern over family and friends, I wonder if there is a tie-in to the visitor.

Anyhoo...I'll deal. The one positive about the most recent visits, well, actually, there are two positives: 1. they are infrequent (at least this past year) and 2. they don't last long (at least this past year). I do so hope the 10 plus day cycles are all ovah!

But, even more confounding that the visits, the pre-visit symptoms, and all the rest . . . even more confounding is why in the blue blazes is the Diva Dog eating the cat's poop?

Will have to tackle that another day. Now, I shall finish the coffee and sneak away quietly as Pete, Diamond, and Buttah are enjoying an after breakfast nap. Nap one of two hundred, the most important nap of the day.


  1. Ugh. I'm so glad to be done with that! Over two years now, woo hoo! My gf is in the completely unpredictable phase though.

  2. I, too, am glad to be over those times. Especially towards the end, when I was going through peri-menopause. I would have those crazzzzy dreams just like yours and my sleep would be so deep that it was like swimming up from the bottom of the ocean to wake up.

    I still get hot flashes occasionally, but the bloody reign is finally over. I look back on those days and I feel like I have shed a skin or felt so HEAVY on me for so long.

    Your symptoms sound like you are nearing the end, sweetie. The darkest is just before the dawn.

  3. Oh hey - infrequent and short mean you're almost done!

    Then get ready for even MORE changes. No end to the fun!

  4. Happy to hear the end is near(ing).

    MoRe changes? Oh. Joy. :-)

  5. Oh joy, indeed.

    As for poop eating, it's pretty common for dogs to eat cat poo. Apparently there are 20 reasons:

    I like #5 - Dogs eat poo to pass the time.

    Right. In between sleeping, eating, the occasional bark and sleeping... you gotta do somethin'. Might as well eat poo.

  6. Nope, I was wrong, it's #6.

  7. Oh, but wait, #10 is good too:

    10. Some young dogs and puppies will eat poop as a novelty.

    It's a fad. It's the doggie version of Justin Bieber.

  8. LOL Fad. As Kmae might say, HA.

    Don't know what her deal is, but I'm thinking combo factors. We're working targeting her issues and getting them solved.

    Thanks for the link. Quite informative and entertaining.


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