Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Sing With Me, Dance With Me

Sleep, has been hard to reach and harder to hold these past few weeks. For a bit I thought it was the excitement of turning half a hundred. And while that may have been part of it, there are other factors as well, I've come to speculate.

One glaring factor, I'm reasonably certain, is that dagnabbit change o' life crapola. Those heat spurts that I didn't experience through much of my forties and which began as slow burns are now hot. flashing. in every sense of those words. I'm reasonably certain I'm drinking much too much beer, but water (even icy) just ain't gettin' it done.

This new state of affairs will require a bit of study and more adjusting.

Still, the heat and said effects are only partly at issue. I think. Also in play, close the door. let me rub your back when you say it's sore, come on get closer and closer, so close to me baby, let's get lost in each other, come here baby*

Or rather, ahem..

Not, mind you that there is anyone (at present) with whom to explore, experience, explo . . . well, you get the idea. But, the heat, so to speak, full on. Is that a fifties thing? Anyhoo . .

I am also experiencing a bit of a crush. It won't go anywhere, has no where to go, but at the moment, said crush is getting me going, if you feel me as the (well, some) kids say.

In the meantime, turn off the lights, and light a candle, tonight I'm in a romantic mood. Let's take a shower, shower together, I'll wash your body, you'll wash mine. Rub me down in some hot oils baby, and I'll do the same thing to you. . .* ahem..

In the meantime. Ice. Cold. Relief. Please. Thanks.

*lyrics from T. Pendergrass (Close the Door & Turn Off The Lights)


  1. Just loved Teddy! Hated he passed last year.

    So about those mf flashes. Honey it is SO Much hell for years. I still get them & I'm 63..(know you didn't want to hear that!) & they started at 43. Eventually you just adjust them into your life, like wearing a ponytail everyday to get the heat off my back. (Be glad you cut your's close!) For QUITE AWHILE I carried around a fan, first the flip with you hand kind, then graduated to a hand held battery operated one.. yucity yuc -such a waste of batteries. Never did go to the hormones, yet I hear it really helps... I am just afraid of cancer. Good luck, it aint easy & I am SO glad I wasn't going with a young chickie-poo when they hit. Now THAT would have been double hell trying to act young like nothing was wrong.

  2. 'chickie-poo' lol... Kmae you crack me up.

    You'll probably be thanking LBJ when some colder weather comes around. I guess it's good for something.

    I was doing pretty good this year and actually thought the heat flashes and sweating was subsiding but it's come back with gusto.

    We were at a function last night in a freezing cold, air conditioned room and I was sweating my ass off. Wtf?

    I've gotten to where I tell people I'm having a 'moment'. Not much you can do. I don't want to do hormones either. It's annoying more than anything and not worth the expense of hormones, imho.

  3. Oh, and the other thing... yep

  4. Uhmmm.. just be glad you haven't gotten to the point yet where your croach feels like you're sitting on sandpaper from the dryness...
    At least I'm not horney every minute of the day anymore.

  5. eb, I'm so with you on the kmae cracking (me) up train.

    and kmae? uhm, yeah..i'm glad. ;-)


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