Sunday, June 16, 2013

O Say Can You See

Brin had to be retired. We missed the naked event again this year, but she was beyond the point of caring.

It's just as well, as we weren't the best fit.

There is a new Brin, though I don't think she'll be called or known as Brin. Her personality has yet to be revealed and so her name awaits.

I can tell you that the entire year while contemplating a new Brin there was much back and forth (in my mind) about the kind of person powered vehicle to acquire.

Mountain, cruiser, hybrid, or . . .  trike. Yes, trike. I will be 53 years old in a few weeks and while in OK physical shape, there are days where those fifty-three years . . . well, let's just say, gliding through the streets with care and ease (never reckless, daredevil like abandon)  is quite the trial. That said, truth be known, I never really seriously considered an adult tricycle. Partly because of storage issues but mainly because, frankly, I'm just not there. Yet.

A couple of weeks ago while out on Brin in what will be known now as our last hurrah, we came across a fellow rider on a contraption  . . . that can best be described as torture on wheels. 

W. T. F. Seriously? Then, I learned that an outfit in town has units available for rent. I repeat, W.T.F.

That expressed, the rider Brin and I saw did seem to be having a wonderful experience. She exhibited a fluidity that was worthy of marvel. However, that mechanical device, not. for. me. any more than a unicycle would be on my list of possibilities.

I chose a mountain bike. Not because I anticipate going off road anytime soon but because the wheels  and frame wide and sturdy and I need wide and sturdy. Plus, some city streets are well, rough.

The new (yet to be named, we'll call her Brin for now) is tricked out with the former <Brin's accessories; basket, lights, and the like and is ready to roll. Hopefully over the next five or so days we'll both get quite the workout and her personality will become clear(er).

In the meantime, marking the calendar for next year's naked ride. Let the training begin.


  1. I would LOVE a tricycle... but truly i would like one with an assist... at 51, so much younger than you it probably seems obsured. But I am not what i used to be and come to think about it, I might never have been what I thought I was.

  2. A tricycle would make me feel as though I needed a fez and a hospital. Or a large red nose and a horn that went "kyoooga!"

    I actually love LOVE the eliptigo. I want one. I wonder if I'll ever be in shape to do one!!

    Eliptigo. It's love. I would call her Ellie.

  3. A tricycle would make me feel as though I needed a fez and a hospital. Or a large red nose and a horn that went "kyoooga!"

    I actually love LOVE the eliptigo. I want one. I wonder if I'll ever be in shape to do one!!

    Eliptigo. It's love. I would call her Ellie.

  4. Yay for a new bike, whatever her name may be!

    My bestie, Lisa, got an adult trike. She loves it! She is my age, 54, and has never been much of a bike rider, or even very athletic. She wanted a bike but felt that she knew her limitations... it's pretty awesome!

    I have seen some lunatics out and about on Elliptigos. Wow. I can barely use the kind in a gym, much less putting wheels on it. The only good thing is that it is low to the ground, so jumping off shouldn't be too risky.

    Looking forward to pictures of the new addition...

  5. A couple of years ago I went from a road bike to a mountain bike for much the same reasons - stability and safety. But wow, it is harder to climb those hills! I am thinking a little motor on the back would be nice.

    I am saving the tricycle for my eighties : )

  6. While the tricycle appeals to me, I would be spending most of my time pushing it uphill and wearing out the brakes going downhill. My own two legs and a cane while very slow are still my best mode of transport. I am 68.

  7. @ Nina: If I had the finances and space I'd consider a tricycle as the second ride. I certainly see the value with quick (well, not so quick) jaunts to the market and such. Some days it is a challenge to get on and ride the bike, but some other days . . . whoosh, like the wind. :-)

    @ poet: LOL Tricycles are not as popular as they used to be (around here). I used to see many. Now, it is the motorized hover-rounds. Love Ellie for your Eliptigo.

    @e: That's awesome. And if I didn't possess a certain comfort level on 2 wheels, I might have gone three--motivation to figure out the storage issue.

    Hopefully this weekend will be conducive to riding and snapshots.

    @8th day: I've seen a handful of motorized bicycles. If I want a motor, I'll get a scooter. But, those frankly scare me (on the roads) more than bicycles.

    @ B. June: Not knocking own two legs mode of transpo. 68--you go girl!

  8. The MAJOR prob that I see with that contraption is that there is no place to rest ones'... assets. I would like a trike but I want a Harley Davidson version thereof. I am with B. June. I use a cane and try my dangdest to play it off Pirate Queen style. Poet...just ROLMAO!!! KyOOOOOGAH!!

    D, maybe you could hyphenate her with Brin since she has inherited so much of her.


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