Sunday, June 02, 2013

No Title On Purpose

Pete: Why are you such a suck-up? 
Buttah: Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!  

1.  In other news: my aunt is recovering, albeit slowly, from her stroke. 

2.  My brothers and I are still endeavoring to stay in touch. Granted, we don't have much to say to one another, but we do make the effort even if it is just to say, "hey". 

3.  Vet visit fail: the dog, it turns out, isn't spayed. She's in heat. She will be spayed as soon as possible after her cycle.   

4. I'm not surprised by the hatred spewed over this ad but it angers me none-the-less. Post racial, my ass. That said, the response from the company: Right. On. 

5. The week ahead is going to be a bear, quite possibly unbearable. 

Donning armor. Welcome, June. 



  1. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Cats: adorable. And probably exactly what they're saying.
    1. Glad your aunt is recovering. Strokes are scary.
    2. Very glad you're staying in touch with your brothers. After 40 odd years, all of a sudden, my brother became my best friend. Unexpected. And cool.
    3. Yikes. Heat. Well, heat will explain a great deal.
    4. I missed everything but the commentary on the comments, but yeah. I'm not surprised and I'm both sad and angry about it. I want the future of The Dream. Not this bullshit continuing. (Also, that was one of the best commercials I've seen in a long time. And that child is adorable. Trying to take care of her dad's heart. Pulled my heartstrings big. Love is right.)
    5. I hope your week is bearable. Truly.

  2. Number 2 struck me. A lot can be solved or salved when people make an effort.

  3. 1. Buttah is right... and look at that face!
    2. Brothers. Sometimes there just isn't anything to say, so kudos for staying in touch.
    3. Oh, for crying out loud! Yuck! Pray for no puppies...
    4.I could not believe the ugliness of the commentary. When are those hideous people going to die off, for crying out loud? Hopefully before they infect their offspring.
    5. Sorry about the unbearable bear.

    Armor. Yes.
    Hang in there t.o.d.!

  4. Oy!

    Good news about your aunt, no so great about the heat thing. Never a dull moment, it would seem.

  5. I sooo agree with you about that Cheerios ad and even if I didn't eat them, I would try them just because.

  6. Hi! Checking in on you. Pete and Buttah are a caution. Good for your aunt. progress is good no matter the speed. Good for you and your brothers. The effort is being made. The Cheerios thing? There doesn't seem to be much hope for some segments of society. Not surprising but really, really sad.
    I could use some armor too. Bears are a Bi+@h.


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