Sunday, June 23, 2013

Extra! Extra!

Kim, Kanye and their baby naming drama magnetized much media this week. I stumbled upon many of the stories strictly by accident. I am as invested in their
not following the K  trend as they are in me, my own name drama, or that which brings me here today: the new Brin.
In these past few days the new Brin's personality has begun to roll forward. She is revealing herself a smooth operator. Some tweaking to her brakes and a new saddle will serve to further enhance the overall riding experience. But so far, so pleased.

Getting to know the new Brin this past week has been enlightening. And while her new identity is not yet solidified a few factors have come to light. 1. she will not Brin, the sequel. 2. She will not be hyphenated. 3. She will not be North West (or East or South).

She is already a treasured and valued member of the team. She is family.

And her name is . . .


  1. Anonymous10:15 PM


    Not brin. Hmm.

    (I think the name North is lovely. I actually like it. And I don't follow either of them, but you cannot avoid the name thing if you are anywhere online.)

  2. Someone recently asked me what I had named my new bike. I hadn't. I realized that all my bikes growing up had been hand-me-downs from my sister which already had names. When I finally got my own, brand new bike, I named it Saturn. I suppose I should name my adult bike too. I'm pretty sure I can do better than K and K.

  3. Anxiously awaiting the big reveal!

    I'm glad the new bike is getting her very own name. She will appreciate that. Hey, how about a picture?!

    Ride on!

  4. We pretty much name everything at my house. We have names for all of our trees and we have A LOT of them (9!) and Bing's truck is Smitty while my car is Trudy Belle. But, truthfully, I can hardly stand Kim and Kanye and could not care less what they name their baby. Yet, Yahoo was announcing it the second I checked in.

  5. @ poet: No, not Brin. And North is not a bad name, necessarily. No, there was no avoiding. 1. announcement 2. name (speculation, proof, rumor, truth) 3. reaction.

    @ 8th day: I never named any of my childhood bikes. Or even any of my adulthood bikes (there have been many) until Bella a few years ago.

    @ e: A few candidates have been discarded. I had my camera today and thought today would be the day, buuuut....rain (hella) happened. WE had to scurry home and even then we got soaked.

    @ Maria: Trudy Belle and Smitty.... hmmmm

  6. Replies
    1. LOL...that's a thought, but I think, no. But then, it isn't totally up to me. ;)

  7. LOL! I found that word on your previous post sticking out in the strata like a clue! I hadn't seen it there before, and I said to myself,"SELF, is this THE NAME?" I suppose I can not now congratulation myself for super sleuthing! :p

    1. LOL... the word for the title of the "describe your life in six words" post was the result of the musing of the new Brin's name and more . . .

      So, you weren't totally off kilter. :-)


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