Sunday, January 26, 2014

Look Inside

A full week has passed since I was nearly caught up with the lessons and projects. I landed on the vocation lesson and . . .


Not, mind you that I don't have ideas. I do. But, turning those ideas into something and putting them on paper . . . did not happen over the past week and certainly not this weekend.

That said, I do intend to do the remaining assignments and look forward to the prompts for the week (the last week) to come.

In the interim, I volunteered to contribute to a traveling art journal. When the journal arrives I'll have to insert my artistic imprint on two pages. I think I'm 5th on the list and given the schedule, if each of the 4 ahead take the full seven days, plus factoring mailing time, I'd say the journal will land in my maillbox, oh, maybe 1st or rather 2nd week of March?

Did you know the cost of first class postage went up .03. The cost of mailing a first class letter is now .49. If you have forever stamps on had, no immediate impact. I have forever stamps on hand.

However, when I go to purchase more stamps: impact.

My mind is racing in about 45 different directions in about as many speeds. My heart isn't far behind. I cannot be trusted to make any rational decisions. About anything. Seriously.

I don't understand why no one is getting back to me. Well, not "no one" but a particular someone. I'm afraid. I miss her, but it isn't about me. I worry. About her. I hope all is well. And if it is something I said, did (or didn't) . . .    ::doves:::

You may have heard that Monday and Tuesday are going to be too fucking cold to move. Yet, move I must.

Any positive energy you can send this way, greatly appreciated.


I know. All over the place of consciousness kind of post. I blame the diet 7-UP.

ta ta

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mandala and Recent Days

 Well, the cold that was getting better slid back. And so, I was down for most of the last few days.
 But, I'm better again. Just in time for the weekend (well, after Friday) and I believe, more snow.
 But, before going down for the count this last time, I did finish some of the assignments. These

were posted to the private group FB page. There have been some really amazing 

submissions. I'm awed by the journeys, stories, and artistic expressions being shared. 

I have three more completed that have yet to be scanned and uploaded. Still, I'm three (or is it four?) behind as of tomorrow morning. Whichever of the next lessons I choose, I'd like my interpretations to be more . . . elaborate, I guess. But, I am limited to the supplies and resources I have on hand and of course, time (and head space) to execute the lessons. I must remember not not concern myself with being behind or or playing catch-up or how artistic my offerings. I must remember what the true goal, the lessons being taught, and the insight I hope to glean from the exercises. 

Long story short, I'm having fun creating and questioning. YaY for PLAY

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

While I Was Sleeping

You know being relevant or coming up with something interesting, funny to say about what's current is just as hard as it might ever be depending on the serendipity of it all.

Lily and her lady got married on New Year's Eve. They've been together forever. Well, not literally, but a really long time. So, one-congratulations to them (and the families).  And two, this along with the Robin Roberts oh-so-pedestrian, "thank you to my girlfriend" statement of a few days ago fired up digital and print media types (again and again) about how we gays are ruining the planet

ain't she somthin' ? ! 
To which I say: pfffft. 

Oh, there is more but I don't want to spend the very small feeling better window treating narrow-minded, ignorant bigots. 

So, congratulations ladies, all.  

In other news, I'm several days behind on my mandala journal/journey. But, it is cool. It is that kind of deal. I have the emails and know what the subsequent assignments are. I may or may not choose to do them all to catchup. It is not about catching up, it is about my thinking, feeling, creating each day as I see fit and as fits me. 

My cold is feverishly working its way out of my body. Today is the first day in many that my entire nose is working more often than not. The chills that are not weather (what about that  weather, yo?) related  are abating.I'm still coughing like crazy but my energy and its cousin, appetite are inching back into existence. 

While all won't be well, being physically well is two steps in the right direction. 

To close and to bring it back to the lovely . . . a friend's Robin Roberts post elicited a, "why should we care" type comment from one of her friends. To which I replied, "I'm excited for the day where it just IS. . . that is to say, not newsBut, today is not that day and so, it matters and so, we 

(some of us) care, quite a lot."

Happy Wednesday soon to be Thursday! 

And welcome air temperatures well above zero. 

*click on the images

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

The Gift

My good friend Maxine gave me a gift*. Her gift offered entry into a community of sharing. A prompt will be presented each day. I can choose to participate or not. In either case, I get to see other entries, reflect and relate to my life, as needed. No pressure. No deadlines. No supplies to buy.

Today I chose to participate. The first prompt: PLAY.  Accompanying the above image the text as follows:

Throughout my childhood play meant music and bicycles, not necessarily together but all the better if such was the case. I am not a musician by any stretch but love music and the art of creating same. I am not an expert cyclist either but from my very first ride at age 7, reveled in the joy (and the freedom) it allowed. 2013 was an extremely trying and challenging year. For a variety of reasons that I have not been able to fully articulate, neither music or bicycling offered the solace I needed. I didn't play. I couldn't play. Now I feel as though I must play, if only for a little bit, everyday.

And so, here's to the first day of 2014 and my effort to bring some measure of play back into my day-to-day. 

*Mandala Discovery: 30 Days of Mandala Journaling