Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mandala and Recent Days

 Well, the cold that was getting better slid back. And so, I was down for most of the last few days.
 But, I'm better again. Just in time for the weekend (well, after Friday) and I believe, more snow.
 But, before going down for the count this last time, I did finish some of the assignments. These

were posted to the private group FB page. There have been some really amazing 

submissions. I'm awed by the journeys, stories, and artistic expressions being shared. 

I have three more completed that have yet to be scanned and uploaded. Still, I'm three (or is it four?) behind as of tomorrow morning. Whichever of the next lessons I choose, I'd like my interpretations to be more . . . elaborate, I guess. But, I am limited to the supplies and resources I have on hand and of course, time (and head space) to execute the lessons. I must remember not not concern myself with being behind or or playing catch-up or how artistic my offerings. I must remember what the true goal, the lessons being taught, and the insight I hope to glean from the exercises. 

Long story short, I'm having fun creating and questioning. YaY for PLAY


  1. These are wonderful! I was quite moved by them. You are really digging deep on these exercises. I hope you are feeling some lessening of the pain and confusion and stuck-ness.


    Oh! I thought of you the other day! I was working on a database and the last name Bhutta scrolled past my eye. My brain said, "Buttah? What's Deborah's cat doing on here?" Made me lol... :-)

    1. e--thank you. I am feeling. I can't quite articulate the full scope but the feelings are positive and yes, less confusion and stuck-ness. oxo

      p.s. LOL about the Bhutta, Buttah recognition!!

  2. Anonymous4:47 AM

    This is deep, touching work. I probably could benefit from doing too. I am in the middle of stucked-ness.

  3. Madame thank you. I was at first excited. Then, a tad overwhelmed. And now, settling into the process and settling into thinking with a purpose over having my mind just run amok. ;-)

    Thank you. ♥


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