Thursday, February 19, 2015


There isn't much more to say when it is so cold you need a new word for cold. Except, at least it isn't snowing. The pooch does love the fresh powder and that joy aside, I much rather (given-the-givens) commute in cold (even beyond naming cold) than snow, any amount. But an amount on top of what is already on the ground, no thank you.

I read the other day that the mayor of Boston had to ask residents not to jump out of windows. It seems that some folks decided that jumping and landing on the mountains of snow would be big fun.

Today's walking out the door temperature: minus six degrees.That is air. We will not discuss wind chill factors.

Be careful. Stay warm.


  1. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Yikes! We're at a balmy 6 in NC. SHIVER. - Kerry

  2. I open the door in the morning for my dog to go out and she just looks at me like "what you are fricking kidding?" And then the cats sit and snicker. yesterday it went up to 10 degrees and everyone was saying it felt like Spring.

    There was one year when the snow was so high we could climb onto our cabin roof and jump off. Great fun. Boston's mayor must be a killjoy.

    Oh well, another day. Another day closer to Spring.

    1. Well, as you can see our pooch loves to be out. She begs to go out even when she doesn't have to. Fun, when it isn't so fricking freezing. 30s by Saturday, perhaps. Break out the shorts and polos.

      The Boston mayor is concerned with liability and taxing emergency services even more, I would wager.

      Yes, it is still light when I leave work at 5-ish. So, yay Spring she is a'comin'

  3. I'm saying nothing about our weather. It would just be cruel.
    Hang in there!


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