Wednesday, February 18, 2015

February Eighteenth Twenty Thirteen

Updated Wednesday, February 18, 2015
It has been a year two years  and as most who have lost a loved one, particularly a parent experiences, it feels like today. Like no time has elapsed. Pain. Sharp. Deep. And seemingly, neverending. It will lessen, I've been told. Not today. Likely, not for a while, yet. Still. 

Per her wishes there wasn't a service but I did write something to honor her and sent it along to family and friends so that they may have . . .something.

Mom's Corner

Every Time I Feel The Spirit*

At 7:14 p.m. on February 18th, my mother breathed her final breath and with that achieved her desire to go home. The last few years presented a multitude of challenges. She prayed for the strength to go on and as the challenges continued to mount, she turned her prayers to those of resolve to move on . . . 

Where He Leads Me* 

Mom spent her time in our world in caring compassion to those around her. She tended her relationships with cards, letters, and other tokens of stewardship. She did what she could to improve the human condition and to beautify her corner of the world, giving as much of herself as possible. 

Pass It On*

Mom's commitment and ministry to community was very strong. Even in the face of her own challenges she gave her time and energies to a variety of outreach programs that aided the homelss, hungry, and disenfranchised~particularly ex-ofenders, women, and children. 

Here I Am Lord* 

Even her final act was about giving, having donated her body to science and research. A lifetime of caring, compassion, loving, and giving cannot be summed up in a few hundred words. Nor can such a life and life experience go by totally without notice or report. 

Mom loved to laugh. In going through her possession I located a card sent by a friend that contained the following quote: "laugh as often as possible. you must, because the world will offer you every reason to weep. So as often as possible you laugh! That, I think is part of the GREAT LOVE!" ~Maya Angelou 

Mom's faith was important to her. Each of the starred stanza headings are some of her favorite hymns. John 3:16 was her favorite scripture. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not persh, but have everlasting life.

My mother lives on in all our hearts and minds.

You who know me, know I am not a believer but my mother and ALL other relatives and friends are / were of the faithful community. As noted in the beginning this was for them. I drew comfort putting it together as finding her wishes offered a bit more insight into the woman my mother was, strived to be. 

"I will always love my mama, she's my favorite girl, she brought me in this world .  " 


  1. Thank you for sharing such a personal reflection about your mom.

    We, also, did not have a memorial for my mom and it leaves an unsettledness. A couple of my mom's friends called me to ask if there would be a service but my dad said no. I wish I had thought to do what you did, and write something to share. Maybe I still could...

    I'm sending you big hugs and gentle energy. These anniversaries are just plain hard.


    1. you still can, e. Why not? I think it's a lovely idea.

    2. e thank you for your kind words, the hugs and gentle energy.


  2. Your hard day is next to one of mine, my father's birthday is today.

    I can only say that it really will get easier; though the actual anniversaries of things remain a bit harder, they're still ... better with time.

    This was lovely. As you know, I'm not a believer either. I can appreciate the stretching and kindness for what the person would want it takes to do something like this. Well done.

    And my heart is with you.

    1. Em, thank you for the kindness and sharing your heart.


  3. D, thank you for sharing this beautiful service. I know my time is coming down the road and I wonder if I will be able to deal with it in the graceful way that you have on this page. I am trying my best to hug you so that you feel it through this medium and nodding my head to all..

    1. madame: thank you for stopping by and your kind wods. I feel your hug. Thank you for that as well.


  4. I feel your pain, I do. My Da died when I was just a girl and I still feel the reverberations of his loss. You will go on, the pain will lessen but won't really go away. You just sort of develop a hard shell to fit over it. I wish you peace, but I know that there is nothing I can say or do to really help right now. You have to go through the pain to get across it. But, you are in my heart...

    1. Thank you Maria. I'm beginning to accept it won't go away and finding ways to move with it. I appreciate your peaceful wishes and the warmth felt from being in your heart.

  5. I'm sorry missed this post on the day written. As I read your heartfelt tribute to your mother all I could think about was how alike our moms were. (Mine also compassionate, faithful and donated her body to science. ) Perhaps their spirits will find each other and become great friends.

    For you I sent warm wishes and many hugs and and the hope of a thousand scattered moments.

    1. Your warm wishes and very thoughtful missive the other day was so welcome and so needed.

      I hope that she has met with kindred spirits and having the grandest of times.

      If I employ any vision for what is beyond this world is that in which blissfully happy and surrounded by those and that which only enhances that. Like minded and like spirited.

      Cheers to them.


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