Sunday, February 08, 2015


The Look of Love 

Dapper Man and Machine 

The Look of Love II
The actor opened 2015 with his foot solidly in the door of stage acting. He has booked three shows (two of the three are Shakespeare plays) with the rehearsals for the first beginning soon. He's auditioned for a number of on-screen performances hoping to add more of that type of work to his résumé He's decided that directing is not for him, at least not now. He is passionate about performing , being a teaching artist and of late, music. More on the music later, but for now, happy birthday to my funny, serious, passionate young man. May your realities and dreams collide in several grand explosions of good, better, best.


  1. Such a handsome young man!

    Best of wishes to the #1 son of the Middle Girl on the occasion of your birthday!

  2. Holy crap, he is good looking!

    If ever he is on a New York stage please let me know. I will go a be a groupie.

    Happy birthday to him and to his proud mama!

  3. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Congratulations to him and you! -Tiff


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