Monday, February 22, 2016

Minding Your Words

Or even as thought balloons that lingered for quite some time after the words were spoken. . .


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tough Week

I'm trying, but it isn't working out so well this week. It is taking every single ounce of energy I have to get up, get to work, do my work (to the best of my ability) and make it home, where this week I've been crashing, asleep before eleven only to wake up at 2: 30 ish. Again at 3:30 ish and yet again, at 4:30 ish, only to have to be up by 5:30 and out the door by 7--to do it all over again.  I'm trying not to dwell, I'm trying not to wallow. But, I don't feel like doing anything but wallowing. But, she wouldn't like that so again, I rise.

May 26, 1940 - Feb. 18, 2013
Peace, be still. 

Monday, February 08, 2016

Too Sharp to B Flat

Photo by Amol Art 

My son ("The Actor") is, through a variety of means (youtube tutorials, books picked up in thrifts, and one-on-ones with working musicians) learning to play the blues harp as well as acoustic guitar.

He's played on the streets to the delight of passers-by, he's participated in open mic type jam sessions at one of the few spaces featuring live music, he has held guest appearances with some featured acts.

The actor has been having a grand time learning, jamming, building his repertoire. Though he isn't striving to become a working musician he does anticipate having music in the mix will further enhance his résumé.

Today is the anniversary of the actor's birth. He continues his slice through time with his usual grace and aplomb; staying in tune and razor sharp to the bone.

 Happy 34th birthday to Bluesman slash Actor.

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Thursday, February 04, 2016

Super Bowled Over

I don't know how much a Super Bowl ad spot is going for these days. I do know, that the ads ARE the thing. And of the few that have I've seen so far, this hit me. Full disclosure, I am not a huge fan of ketchup and as a "Chicago Hot Dog" person (when I eat hot dogs) NEVER on a hot dog. Still, I like this ad. It's fun.

I'll tune in to see what folks who paid trillion bucks (or whatever it is) for air time bring to the party.

Oh, and somewhere in there, a football game will be happening. Cheers and pass the chips!


Monday, February 01, 2016

Be Still My Heart

Aretha Franklin has been as much a part of my growing up as collard greens and cornbread. Carol King's Tapestry was one of the first albums I bought with my own money. This moment was one of the greatest TV moments in my recent memory and I shall cherish it for years to come. 

Natural. Women. Swoon.