Monday, August 08, 2016

It's Official!

My "little girl" as my mother would say, is leaving. 
After deciding on culinary arts as a career, a year of school, 
and a nother couple of years of trying on a number of hats 
in and around Chicago, 

she has applied for, and has been accepted entry to a 
work / study program that will take her to resorts in Colorado 
and then, Wyoming. 
For the next two years. 

She will report to the Colorado location by November 7th. She will be there five months. 
She will have 30 days before she has to report to the Wyoming location, a moth home
and then back to Colorado.  . 

Except for a brief stint during her teen years 
and small vacations, my daughter has not ever 
been away from home.  

WE are excited (and nervous) in equal measure.
No, more excited than nervous. 
Danielle has prepared for the opportunity 
and is ready for this challenge. She is ready to 
take the wheel and steer the course of her career
and her life.    
I am sad at the prospect of her leaving. I am happy
she is getting to earn while she learns at not one, but two resort properties. 
I am proud that she's developed the confidence to 
take this leap. 
We have three months to drink it all in. 
Congratulations to my only daughter!

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  1. Wow! Big jump for the only daughter! You must be so proud, and so nervous, all at the same time. Big breaths, D, it'll be ok...

    She sure is beautiful!

    1. Yes, I must Yes, I am. Yes, I trust it shall be. :-)

      Thank you!

  2. Congrats. How wonderful that she will have these amazing adventures. Clearly you raised her right!

    1. Thank you. She has been described (not by me) as resourceful and telented.

      Still, there were some moments. ;-)

      I appreciate your kind words.

    2. "Resourceful and talented" an assessment of which I am in complete agreement. :-)

  3. Anonymous11:31 AM

    How great! This is such an amazing thing for her to be doing & everyone's so brave. Well done to your only daughter.


  4. Anonymous11:32 AM

    As an aside, my prove-you're-human-to-make-this-comment thing? Choose all the food. :)

  5. How awesome! Congrats to the both of you - love, love, LOVE the pictures you included!

    1. Thank you.

      My daughter is more like my mother than even I am--so, there are TONS of photos. :-)

      Thank you.

  6. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Sounds like a great opportunity!

  7. Congratulations -- that's huge. And scary...but a great leap into something new and exciting for your daughter. She just exudes joy through those pictures... you must be so proud! Maybe those letter-writing skills will come in handy? Best of luck to your daughter in this new adventure!

    1. Best part, she enjoys writing nearly as much. I have my first letter mapped out ready to go, just need her mailing address. :-)

      Thank you for the kind words and uplifting thoughts!

  8. How exciting for her! It's always good when "excited" beats out "nervous." I wish her (and you) well for this new adventure.

    1. Yes it is good.Thank you!

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  10. As you know, I am in the same boat. It is both amazing and frightening to watch them fly on their own.

    I have often said to my girls, "if you're going to go, at least go to someplace fun to visit." Colorado and Wyoming - not too shabby. If fact, I think I will want to visit your daughter : )

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  12. Total congrats all around!


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