Friday, September 18, 2009

Not Sooo Fried Day

Eleven AM, that’s when I realized that I’d dribbled some of my morning hygiene routine on my shirt. I’d been at work for 3 hours already. Traveled on public transportation with a big (well, not sooo big, but big enough) dollop of toothpaste infused dribble on my shirt.


Some clean up, suffering a temporary wet spot, some pretzel pieces later, and onward went the day.

Which given the givens, wasn’t half bad. I did ride my bike to and from work on Monday and Wednesday. My knees were a little sore Thursday (and still but a little less so today) but not enough to stop the show. I’m sure the shock of so much (sudden) pedaling is making them moan. I have an {app} for that. Me and my knees will be back at it in the mid-morning.

My mind is moving in about 45 different directions in about as many different speeds, so I’ll close off with a summary update:

*Many months ago I put up a profile on a couple of meeting / dating sites. Zilch. Well, nearly but nothing to get excited about, much. note to canada: yo, you're in canada. I do enjoy chatting with you when we manage to catch up with one another.

*I started another recently on another site, but didn’t follow all the way through. As a result I’m getting (daily) matches by mail that are . . . male, kinda Christian, kinda don’t know if they want kids. I either need to finish or delete, as clearly certain presumptions have been made on my behalf.

*The owner’s new business (housed in the bank of rooms next door) has (so far) put on the payroll: Jeff, JR, Joanna, Jason, and most recently, Justin. Odd.

*I prepared eggplant for only the 2nd time in my life last night. I don’t recall ever seeing, having eggplant as a child and thus, no reference in my early adult-hood. I didn’t care for it (much) the first time, though that likely had as much to do with my preparation than the vegetable. I enjoyed it much more last night, more efforts to follow.

*I haven’t been cooking much lately, but I sense a shift in the making.

*I didn’t join FB to keep up with family. Mother provides all the updates and relevant (or otherwise) commentary.

*My fantasy football team, dubbed deb, won last week’s match-up. Yay. However, my Top Chef pickings are getting trounced, week after week, after week. Sigh.

*Tonight: stuffed peppers and spinach salad. Yum

*Tomorrow: (a) county fair, with some thrifty queer adventurers. Yay

*Every time I want to type county, I type country and have to correct.

*Though sickened and angry about much that is going on in the city, country, world there is goodness, there is positive energy flowing, and there is hope. Join me in serving up some good, positive vibes to all who could use a dose. Thanks


  1. Eggplant can be really tricky. Easily turns bitter or mushy. Good for you for trying it.

    And good luck on the dating front.

  2. And also pretzels, pretzels to the world. They're nonfat; they satisfy both hunger and muchies; they come in many delicious variations. My current favorite is Newman's Organics spelt pretzels. Spelt, as it turns out, makes ordinary flour-based foods taste sweet and nutty. What a great twist. Ha, get it? Twist!

  3. I must admit right here to loving Snickers. Not healthy, not good for me but I love them deeply and with a sighing attitude that is usually reserved for when I see Tina Fey do anything.

    How are the dating sites working? I have such curiosity about them. I've never used one, but I know so many people who have been successfully matched that I am thinking this may be the wave of the future.

  4. Hi Deborah. I have been missing blogs because Im so stuck on fb. Esp after letting all my flight attendants in... they're so damn funny & keep me going...

    Damn, I cant even remember what you wrote about since Im so busy reading & catching up. Sorry, how rude am I!

    Have a good weekend...
    not soon enough.. ha!


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