Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Pete is sitting atop my cd/dvd/video cabinet. He isn't supposed to be there, he is not usually there. He is resting upon a placement one of the kids made in kindergarten. He is flanked by a Rubik's cube and a Rubik's(?) snake, currently fashioned into a sphere.

Pete is obscuring a blown-up, boxed framed photo of my former in-law's Mississippi front yard and road leading to (& away) from their front door.

In the background, Magda.

The sentry Magda is diligent about alerting about an open door (front or back), reminding us that it is now time to exit after she is armed and that she must be disarmed upon entering. When properly coaxed Magda will even relay a customized message, "greetings, have a pleasant day" was recently deleted.

Magda wasn't speaking during Pete's visit to the top of the cabinet. Pete isn't supposed to perch on the top of the cabinet. It is not a usual place for him to rest. Every now and again Pete sets out to explore. He discovers a nook, a cranny, a place to perch that he hadn't known existed.

Or hadn't cared.

For a few minutes, hours or days he is in kitty adventurer heaven. He is re-located to a more appropriate pet perch or he moves on, on his own, off on a new discovery.

I'm fairly certain Magda didn't object. Or, if she did, she didn't say.


  1. We relocate cats constantly, but usually, if we're sitting somewhere, they are close by to us or ON us! :)

  2. Wouldn't it be fun if you could program Magda to scare the shit out of Pete? hehe Or to say dirty words. Either would entertain me.

  3. Pete usually likes to be off by himself unless it is meal time. Buttah, definitely is all about being on you.

    I would soooo love to program Magda to talk by remote, play with her voice, add a musical element just to mess w/Pete (or my daughter) hehehehe.

  4. Ha!
    Just love kittys so much!


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