Friday, January 14, 2011

Acting Like . . . Friday

Whew, finally. Friday.

Rising early (thanks to Buttah the chest sitter and Peter the poker) to get down to the workplace neighborhood to have breakfast with a friend*
before checking in to work for the day, was a real treat.

We were sooo into our girl time, that time flew right by. It was nearly 9:30 and we were nearly an hour late for work. Oh. Goodness. Thankfully, the breakfast spot was only a few feet from the job spot.

A fun twist was seeing how affected the boys were with our absence especially when the dots were connected and the realization struck that we'd had breakfast together.

It was a great start to this Friday; this tail end of an incredibly long, tedious, filled with anxiety and trepidation week. I only wish we'd thought to do this sooner. But, the tradition has now begun. It won't be every Friday, or maybe not Friday at all, but again, and again, and again . . . is the hope plan.

And if the boys can't deal? Oh, well.

* thoughts are with you.


  1. Well now ! That sounds like FUN!
    And the guys at work feel left out?
    Even better.

  2. I might be a little late in the morning...I have an appointment...what kind? female stuff...

    That should be sufficient for the boys!

  3. Some days are just meant for hookey.

  4. That really does sound like fun.

    LOL @ Maxine. So right.

  5. Way to set a precedent! Do we get to hear more about this friend* ???

    @maxine -- so true!

  6. @ Maxine yes, you are on to something!

    @ e perhaps. perhaps.


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